“Ah ha” Moment

How do you even spell “aha”? Is it ah ha, a-ha, or aha? I don’t think any of them look right.

Anyway, I experienced a divine intervention on Christmas as I perused through my new cookbook by The Pioneer Woman, in the form of a glorious egg breakfast called “Egg in a Basket.” Apparently, this ingenious way of frying an egg has been around for awhile, seeing as it was in Ellie Krieger’s book too (except it was called “Egg in a Hole”). I felt really dumb, especially after flipping out about the simple genius of this recipe. My idea of a perfect fried egg is to still be able to distinguish the (runny) yolk in the center, surrounded by a few bites of the egg white. I never used to like a runny yolk, but suddenly, last summer, I began craving the creamy yolk in a fried egg (along with any other food known to man). Actually, I began to crave eggs period – it was like seeing them in a whole new light! Eggs are THE perfect food to eat any time of the day.

My love of eggs is creepy.

However, one of the banes of my life is ruining a fried egg by unsuccessfully flipping it and forming a really tiny egg mass that can be eaten in one bite. The Egg in the Basket, however, completely solves this problem AND it is like a convenient egg sandwich, except with only one piece of bread, you can still taste the egg! God, I feel like such a loser. It’s bad enough that I’m talking to no one without raving about a widely known way to fry an egg.


Anywho, I immediately tried this out for breakfast the next morning, and it was like the angels were both singing hallelujah, and knocking me upside the head for not knowing about this sooner. Needless to say, the egg fried perfectly and I was able to enjoy a deliciously runny yolk contained in a piece of toast, just waiting for me to mop it up with the crust. Whenever I fry an egg, I never use oil or butter…I just crack it right in the pan, but I always sprinkle some Cajun seasoning and Italian seasoning – it just tastes better that way. I took pictures of this most glorious breakfast as well…just look at that masterpiece.

So simple. I am so stupid.

This, my friends, is one of the most glorious sights to see at 8 in the morning. LOOK AT THAT YOLK!!! Yes, I clearly have an obsession with egg yolks.

So, my version of Egg in a Basket:

– A piece of bread (Honestly, I would have preferred something a bit thicker, but my family only likes white bread. Such a shame.)
– 1 egg
– Cajun seasoning (to taste)
– Italian dressing seasoning (to taste)
– Salt and pepper
– Butter (to lightly butter the bread and give it a nice toasted color)

Cut out a hole in the bread, lightly butter both sides of the bread, crack the egg and drop it in the cut out. Then cook on medium – medium low for about 2 – 3 minutes (sprinkle the seasoning on too). Check the egg with a spatula…if it feels like it’s firm, then flip it and let it cook for another 2 – 3 minutes. If you don’t like a runny yolk, make sure to break it before flipping (obviously). I feel like writing out the recipe/cooking method was overkill here, but whatever.


3 thoughts on ““Ah ha” Moment

  1. Okay this post totally cracks me up…and, I can't believe you guys only eat white bread…that needs to be repaired…too many great breads out there! And, maybe there is hope that Austin will one day like eggs…

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