I guess you could kind of call this my first “improv” dinner, as in I kind of made it up as I went along. I was “inspired” by this shrimp orzo dish in the Ellie Krieger cookbook, but it seemed kind of…boring. Plus Shelley and I don’t really like grape tomatoes. It’s sad, at least […]

I bought crumpets at the store today. I’m pretty sure they are going to be like a doughier version of English muffins, aka extremely bland, but due to my slight Anglophile-ness, I’m kind of excited about trying one out. I have no idea how close they are to legit crumpets, but I’m going to feel […]

I’ve only recently started to like bananas. For a while, they were a nasty smelling fruit that I had to eat 4 times a week to ward off leg cramps, toe cramps, foot cramps, etc. at swim practice. I hated bananas. Dislike by association, I suppose. Once I began college and started eating on the […]

First, let us compare the large difference between pictures by a fancy camera versus my crappy digital camera. It will be a fun learning experience. My camera Kerry’s camera My camera Kerry’s camera Wasn’t that enlightening!? Now none of my posts will ever look quite as pretty to me. Anyways, props to Kerry for taking […]

Rice Oatmeal/Pudding

So right now, I’m eating a seriously delicious bowl of rice oatmeal (or pudding, not sure how one would classify it). It’s probably not the healthiest breakfast out there, but it’s obnoxiously filling – you don’t have to eat much more than 1/2 a cup of cooked rice to feel really full. I’ve seen versions […]

Guest Cooking

I’ve been putting off making the Brie/Chocolate Panini, so I’ll talk about some tasty dinners my two roommates have made in the past week. Shelley tried out two side dishes from both of the new cookbooks I received for Christmas – The Pioneer Woman Cooks and So Easy. From TPWC, Shelley made “Katie’s Roasted Corn […]

Experimental Weekend

I had four new food related experiences this weekend, all of which probably seem unexciting to anyone besides myself. 1. Almond Butter I’d been meaning to try natural peanut butter for a very long time, and for some reason on Saturday I realized that I could easily make any nut butter myself, as long as […]

New Year, New Food

I didn’t mean to put off posting these recipes for so long, but I was just enjoying the last few days of break and didn’t feel like getting into such a long blog post. I’ve decided that a possible differentiating factor for my blog could be taking recipes and substituting expensive ingredients with more affordable […]

Where’s the Beef?!

This recipe comes from the Big Girls, Small Kitchen blog. Their blog is partially what inspired me to do this, so of course I’m going to say that their blog is awesome….but it really is! It’s so amazing to me that girls around my age are creating recipes and even making a living off of […]