Experimental Weekend

I had four new food related experiences this weekend, all of which probably seem unexciting to anyone besides myself.

1. Almond Butter
I’d been meaning to try natural peanut butter for a very long time, and for some reason on Saturday I realized that I could easily make any nut butter myself, as long as I had enough nuts. I realized that I didn’t have peanuts, but I did have some fresh almonds. It was much less traumatic than I thought it would be – for some reason I pictured a big crumbly mess of powdered nuts.

So so so wrong.

I used our itty bitty food processor to process maybe…3/4 cup of almonds? I pretty much just threw a few handfuls in the processor. In retrospect, I should have toasted them for ten minutes first, to bring out the almond flavor more, but I was too excited about making my own almond butter to remember that tiny step.

Yep, I get excited about almond butter.

Anyways, the butter started forming after a couple of minutes. I scraped down the sides every once in awhile, and added a pinch of sugar. I was really surprised that the almonds’ natural oils were enough to make the almond butter creamy. Depending on how creamy you want the butter, you could probably whirl the nuts for more than five minutes, but I wasn’t processing many nuts and I kind of licked the gritty texture. I made about a sandwich worth of almond butter, and man, it was delicious and I also felt really healthy eating natural nut butter. Now I’m kind of on a nut butter kick, and I’m trying to decide what I want to try next. The easiest choice would be cashews since we already have some, but I’m not sure how tasty cashew butter would be…

2. George Foreman Grill
Yep, I have never used one before and I was REALLY missing out. I haven’t fully seen it’s full range of uses, but it made my turkey sandwich extra delicious – the white American cheese melted perfectly and looked so pretty next to the dark green, wilted spinach. Great grill marks on sandwiches are also aesthetically pleasing.

3. Thai Food
Besides the fact that I ended up getting charged 14 bucks for lunch (thanks for asking if I wanted a $1.50 refill…), it was overall pretty good. I have to admit that my chicken, beef and vegetables in basil sauce didn’t taste as different as I had hoped it would, but it was still mighty tasty. My roommate’s Pad Thai was especially delicious – I could really taste the peanut sauce and the brick red color of the dish was really nice. My other roommate got a more creamy dish with noodles and shrimp – also very tasty. Our Thai tea was also really good – now I just have too find it in a grocery store! I can’t put my finger on what it exactly tasted like, but it was very good.

My Chicken and Beef in Basil Sauce

Kayla’s Pad Thai

Shelley’s lunch – Kayla thinks it was called “Peek-Wong”

4. Earthfare
Earthfare is Athen’s answer to Whole Foods, and I was so (pathetically) pumped about exploring a “fancy” grocery store. I was like a kid in a toy store, grabbing every free sample in sight (OH MY GOD, ORGANIC CARROTS!) and freaking out over the prospect of buying 89 cent Odwalla bars. Kayla bought a mango, which I actually wasn’t too crazy about (I guess I can’t like EVERY fruit), but I did discover that there is such a thing as a yellow raspberry. I was also in a cheese heaven – Earthfare had every sort of cheese used on Food Network TV shows, but (as expected) I would have to pay out the butthole just try a tiny wedge of quality Jarlsberg.


2 thoughts on “Experimental Weekend

  1. I'll give you the pictures of our delicious thai meals sometime today! 🙂 and I didn't know there was such a thing as a yellow raspberry…interesting…

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