I’ve only recently started to like bananas. For a while, they were a nasty smelling fruit that I had to eat 4 times a week to ward off leg cramps, toe cramps, foot cramps, etc. at swim practice.

I hated bananas. Dislike by association, I suppose.

Once I began college and started eating on the meal plan, however, bananas started looking pretty tasty….probably because fruits were the only things you could take outside the dining halls in the open, as opposed to stuffing rolls or chicken fingers down your shirt. So anyways, bananas and I are now on good terms, although I’m still not crazy about banana desserts (ie banana ice cream, banana pudding, blablabla). This banana dessert, however, doesn’t really have that overwhelming banana flavor…it’s really tasty.

I blame artificial banana flavoring for making me hate banana ice cream.

So, the dessert. I was looking on blog.healthyeats.com, and one of their “Smarter Snacking” choices was freezing a banana overnight, then putting it in a blender/food processor to make tasty and healthy banana cream. Naturally, I decided to try it, but I decided to add some other ingredients along the way.

First rule of freezing a banana: Peel it first. You cannot peel a frozen banana.

My lack of common sense is alarming sometimes.

Anyways, this was easily remedied by peeling the skin off with a knife…it separated quite nicely from the banana. Then I cut the banana into coins and stuck the pieces into my teeny tiny food processor. Shelley looked questioningly at me during this whole process, wondering how a pureed banana could be any better than a regular banana. I decided to add some old fashioned oats….I was inspired by Shelley’s weird little concoction of Nutella, peanut butter and oats. So I added some oats, then decided to add Nutella, and 3 tbsp(ish) milk.

I could tell after taking off the processor lid that this was going to be AWESOME. And it was. It had a hint of banana, but some definite chocolate-y goodness from Nutella. Ohh, Nutella. Everyone should own it. The oats added texture, but it’s not for everyone, so if you don’t like oats, you can leave them out. And I’ve decided that cinnamon is my Italian Dressing mix for sweet stuff…I add cinnamon to pretty much everything. Kayla agreed with this statement.

Banana “Ice Cream”

– 1 (peeled) frozen banana
– 1-2 tsp Nutella
– 3 tablespoons milk
– 3 tablespoons old fashioned oats
– dash of cinnamon

A dash of vanilla would be good too, actually. Or maybe instant coffee…the possibilities are endless…sort of.


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