I bought crumpets at the store today.

I’m pretty sure they are going to be like a doughier version of English muffins, aka extremely bland, but due to my slight Anglophile-ness, I’m kind of excited about trying one out. I have no idea how close they are to legit crumpets, but I’m going to feel extremely sophisticated whilst eating my crumpet for breakfast tomorrow. They have all of these air pockets along the top, which will be perfect for absorbing whatever I decide to put on them. I can’t decide if I want to go the butter/jelly route, or make it savory by topping it with a roasted tomato slice and a fried egg.

This is what I do while I’m supposed to be studying.

Anyways, I’ll letcha in on the results of my, uh, “fancy” breakfast tomorrow.

Okay, so crumpets are pretty good, but honestly they’re pretty much like English muffins, except less nutrient-healthy (since you can get English muffins in the whole grain variety). I took the liberty of making a table to compare crumpets and English muffins. It includes five factors: Crunchiness (obvious), Absorbency (ability to nicely incorporate with whatever topping you put on it), Versatility (how good would it taste with various other toppings), Fancy Factor (how fancy is it!?) and Overall Taste (obvious).

Crunchiness – (English Muffin)
Absorbency – (Crumpet)
Versatility – (English Muffin)
Fancy Factor – (Crumpet)
Overall Taste – (English Muffin)

So technically, English Muffins win, but I count the fancy factor more than overall taste, so I’d go with the crumpets on special occasions. This is also not to say that crumpets taste bad, but English muffins come in a variety of flavors, and if I had to pick one to eat plain, I’d go with an English muffin.

I broiled my crumpet with some butter on top to make it golden brown and crunchy, then added some mixed berry jelly on top. The jelly sunk into the air pockets PERFECTLY, as in I could see the jelly down inside the crumpet after taking a few bites. It was glorious – English muffins don’t have that power. Later this week I’m going to try a crumpet with a slice of cheese, a roasted tomato slice and a fried egg. Too bad we don’t have bacon…

Look…so nice…

I tried the egg combo. Definitely my favorite. Stick a few tomato slices in a 400 degree oven for 5-7 minutes, stick the crumpet in the toaster, fry up an egg and HALLELUJAH:

This might be the highlight of my crappy digital camera’s life.


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  1. Sara! I am obsessed with your blog! It cracks me up and EVERYTHING you make looks so delicious. You should just kick giada de laurentus (sp?) to the curb and take her place!

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