Eggs and I are bff. We hang out three or four days a week, mostly catching up over a tasty meal. At first, we only liked seeing each other over breakfast, but after seeing the true beauty of eggs (fried, scrambled, omelet-style, breakfast burrito, etc), we began having lunch and dinner dates as well. I […]

Okay, so making bread is definitely a lot easier when you have a good oven. You all probably think I’m using the “crappy oven” excuse whenever something goes wrong when I’m cooking, but most of the time, it’s really the oven. Oven = Bane of my Existence. Anyways, I was excited to break out my […]

Crappy ovens are a real buzzkill. I’m attempting to bake my first bread (used my stand-up mixer…glorious!) and after an hour of baking, the bread was only half baked. I finally flipped the bread out of the loaf pan into a baking sheet and now it’s baking upside down. The bottom is still all batter. […]

Salmon with chickpea ragu is a dish I would not have appreciated at all two years ago. For one thing, it has chickpeas. Two, it has onion chunks. And three, it has chickpeas. Surprisingly, however, I would have gobbled up the salmon just as I would today. Thankfully, I enjoy all of these vegetables today. […]

i have an announcement. i am now the proud owner of a kitchen aid stand up mixer. be prepared for an onslaught of recipes involving baking. and a stand up mixer. that is all. ps – thanks aunt ann, uncle shawn and austin!!

I’ve never really understood why some people hate vegetables; even as a kid, I was a pretty good vegetable eater (I hated onions, though. So sad.). Now that I eat anything that’s put in front of me, vegetables are a constant source of new food discoveries, whether it’s through a new vegetable combination or just […]

I was completely unaware of minestrone’s existence this time last year. I don’t remember the exact moment of discovery, but I do remember thinking how fancy “mine-strone” soup sounded. Yep, up until oh, I don’t know, December, I pronounced minestrone as mine (as in goldmine) strone (like strong, without the g). I have no sense […]

my go-to…breakfasts

Instead of talking about a particular recipe, I thought I’d start a new category called “my go-to’s,” beginning with my favorite breakfasts. 1. English muffin sandwich – Stick an English muffin under a broiler while either frying up a slice of bacon or sticking it in the microwave. Once the muffin starts to brown, turn […]

It’s no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, or at least right now. There’s so much to experiment with, especially since two of my main food obsessions right now are old fashioned oats and eggs. This morning though, I decided to make french toast. Fancy french toast. It’s actually not that […]