A quick update… Ate a Braeburn apple today – it tasted pretty much like a Gala apple to me, which means I liked it. It was a bit on the sour side, but it was perfect for biting into, if you know what I mean. Some apples (hellooo Granny Smith) are really hard to bite […]

Before my ode to oatmeal, I want to share a (stupid) little experiment I’ve decided to indulge in – try every kind of apple available in the Athens area. Shouldn’t take too long, but I want to do it anyway. I realized while reading through other food blogs that I’ve been fairly conservative in my […]

Today for dinner, Shelley and I explored the take out section of Earthfare. It was pretty lame how excited we both were to mosey around Earthfare – I could seriously spend hours in there just looking around. We need a Trader Joe’s BADLY over here – that would be like heaven for me….I would settle […]

I love ratatouille. Both the movie… and the dish. After seeing the movie, I was kind of let down – I mean, ratatouille is basically baked eggplant, squash, zucchini and tomatoes. I was expecting something complex and really fancy! It’s probably better that it’s so simple though, or else I probably wouldn’t have tried to […]

Since I’m home for Spring Break, all of the cooking duties have fallen on me this week. Normal people would probably be ticked about this, but I was more than happy to cook dinner all week. For one thing, I was home most of the week attempting to finish a large amount of English homework, […]

My roommates and I have been on a real granola kick lately. For some reason, I thought making it would be hard or tedious or something (stupid, right?) so it took me forever to get around to actually making it for the first time. We use granola for all sorts of things; we all top […]

I’m ALIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I still have one more test (Art History, don’t EVER take it) between me and Spring Break, but my motivation is gone, so here I am. Hi. So, once upon a time, like a month ago, I made Orecchiette with Mini Chicken Meatballs, from Giada’s Family Dinners. Ground chicken doesn’t exist in Athens, […]

I haven’t died, I just have midterms. hopefully I’ll start posting again on Wednesday or Thursday. BYEEEEEEEE.