Today for dinner, Shelley and I explored the take out section of Earthfare. It was pretty lame how excited we both were to mosey around Earthfare – I could seriously spend hours in there just looking around. We need a Trader Joe’s BADLY over here – that would be like heaven for me….I would settle looking around our local Costco too.

I am an old woman.

Anyways, Shelley and I both split two packages (veggie and California crab roll) of sushi, since neither one of us had ever tried it before. I don’t know how authentic it was, but we sure liked it! I especially liked the creamy avocado chunk in the middle.

I also bought some winter mix couscous – aka raisins, cranberries and almonds. It was so good…I had always wanted to try couscous with raisins and almonds and it did not disappoint. Plus it’s pretty to look at. I would definitely make this for myself – unfortunately though, Kayla and Shelley wouldn’t like it; Kayla doesn’t like raisins/craisins and Shelley doesn’t like the texture of couscous. oh well, more for me!

I discovered Shelley’s hidden passion for sunflower seeds as well…

We also discovered that sunflower seeds were an essential part to feeling like a super cool softball player in the second grade. I think it worked out a little better for Shelley than it did for me, though – or it could be the result of Shelley actually PLAYING softball, as opposed to my habit of playing in the dirt in the outfield.

Swimming was definitely my thing.

I also bought some tofu, which might sound nasty to some, but after reading this blog for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been really eager to try tofu. I’ve had it once before, and I really loved the texture – at first it’s chewy, but once you get to the center, it kind of melts in your mouth. Plus it takes whatever the flavor of whatever seasoning you put on it. I think it’s kind of a hit or miss thing, much like cilantro. And finally, the cheese, the original reason I wanted to go to Earthfare. You see, I get these online coupons from Earthfare every Wednesday, usually some kind of buy something (even a 75 cent Odwalla bar) and get something really great for free. Usually I’m too lazy to take advantage of the deal, but I guess real, blocked cheese is all the motivation I need. It’s Dubliner cheese, more specifically Blarney cheese. I don’t know how fancy that brand of cheese is – all that matters is that I have cheese in the fridge that is not pre-grated in a ziplock plastic bag. Shelley and I both liked it – we agreed that it was like a mild, but slightly sweet Cheddar cheese. Perfect for melting on sandwiches.

My next post is going to be an ode to oatmeal, so just be prepared to see how truly oatmeal obsessed I really am…you’ve been warned.


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