My “Hell Week” as college kids affectionately call it, is over as of today, and I feel so FREE! The beautiful weather was a real plus as well – I finally got a chance to enjoy my first Pink Lady apple! I can’t say that they’re my favorite (still digging the Fuji), but I thought it tasted good all the same! They kind of taste like Red Delicious apples, but the skin isn’t nearly as chewy. I also thought they were a little on the sour side (maybe it’s the batch we bought), but overall, I give Pink Ladies an A.

On a different note, one of my favorite things to do is come up with dinner/lunch just for myself using random leftovers/ingredients in the fridge/pantry. Lots of slashes, sorry. It’s kind of like a puzzle to me – that’s how weird about food I am….calling meals a puzzle. One of my latest creations involves sauerkraut. I’ve never even had it on a bratwurst before (it’s one of the pleasures of life I am anxiously waiting to experience), but I have had it on a turkey sandwich with spicy mustard.

That’s not my new “creation,” though. My invention is much grosser. See, I’m pretty sure that the general public will gag when I share the way I enjoyed sauerkraut over the weekend a home. Ready? Toasted English muffin + BBQ sauce + sauerkraut + spicy mustard. Yep, that’s it. I might have added a slice of cheese at one point, but most of the time I didn’t. I thought it tasted delicious. BBQ sauce + sauerkraut are absolutely perfect together, in my opinion. Sorry if I grossed anyone out with that….

A much less nasty and more obvious combination I made this past weekend included couscous (the food so nice they named it twice..harhar), soy sauce, chickpeas, and veggies. I can’t even call this a recipe – it’s more of a quick, whip together kind of meal. It’s still really good though. So anyways, I made a box of garlic and basil couscous, threw in half a can of chickpeas, a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce and then added it to a (it was I could find…)a cup of frozen mixed vegetables. The frozen vegetables weren’t the best (I’m not too big a fan of frozen green beans or corn), but it added some vibrancy to the couscous. If I had my choice, I would have added some broccoli or spinach, but regardless, the couscous was tasty – it would have been good with just the chickpeas, actually.

I love chickpeas, by the way. They’re good alone, pureed into hummus, baked until crunchy, on top of salads…HOORAH CHICKPEAS!

So anyways, there’s a quick, no-fuss meal fix for all you fine folk!

Also, here’s a picture of some delicious lemon banana bread that Shelley made last week. She used lemon yogurt in the recipe, which made the bread really moist.

Sorry for the picture quality – the red cutting board doesn’t do much for the color quality. Shelley and I wanted a quick sample, so we cut off the corners. Aaaand here’s a meet the chef picture that I made Shelley take – doesn’t she look pleased to be in a picture!


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