First order of business = Great Apple Experiment. After eating another Pink Lady, I’ve decided that they have a floral taste, not exactly like honey, but it has that same flowery kind of taste to it.

That makes no sense.

Lately I’ve been debating whether or not I want to do a new style of posting over the summer…I kind of want to post what I eat for each meal, like other food bloggers, but it would be a big commitment. It would definitely be easier over the summer, but I still don’t know how well I would keep up with it…plus I don’t want this blog to take over my lifeeeeeeee! Since I only have, what, ten subscribers, I don’t think anyone will miss anything if I decide not to do the three a day posts.

Okay, so ever since I started reading other food blogs, I’ve noticed a couple of popular concoctions: oats in a jar (OIAJ, apparently) and green monsters (GM – food bloggers sure love their acronyms). Last week, I tried both. Do they live up to the hype? Oh yes.

For all of you oatmeal and peanut butter freaks out there (hi, nice to meet you), OIAJ is PURE heaven. Bliss. EXQUISITE! It probably seems stupid to those of you not in the whole oatmeal loop, but you should still try it. Here’s some math for you: OIAJ = almost empty peanut butter jar + banana oatmeal. It’s delightful – the hot oatmeal melts off that pesky leftover peanut butter on the sides of the jar and completely permeates the oatmeal. Unfortunately, you can only have your oatmeal this way as often as you finish a peanut butter jar, which isn’t very often for most people. In our household, however, we keep three different jars of peanut butter open (it’s a little excessive), so I will soon be enjoying another round of OIAJ, courtesy of chunky peanut butter.

Next, the green monster. It’s a smoothie with whatever fruit you want, plus copious amounts of spinach, hence the name green monster. There are two reasons I can think of for making a green monster, as opposed to a regular fruit smoothie: 1. Health freaks can get a fat serving of vitamin-filled spinach, and 2. Regular freaks (not really) can look super cool drinking a bright green smoothie.

I fall into both categories, or I would if my smoothie had actually turned green. I think the blueberries I added overwhelmed the green of the spinach, so it turned out to be a slightly sludge-y looking. It was really good regardless, and you can’t taste the spinach at all. Seriously. You just feel super healthy drinking liquid fruit and spinach. My green monster contained the following:

– 1 container strawberry yogurt
– 1 huge handful spinach
– 1/2 frozen banana
– 3/4 cup frozen strawberries
– 1/2 cup milk
– 1 tbsp oats (for texture)

Blend, drink, enjoy. Sorry, no picture. Next time, I think I’ll try blending vanilla yogurt, banana, cocoa powder, honey and a few chocolate chips. PEANUT BUTTER! Yes, definitely peanut butter.


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  1. hey i would miss your posts!!i think you should totally do it!okay so OIAJ??!! i'm dying.. i just bought a new jar of peanut butter but when i have a little bit left i'm so doing it!! as much as i love spinach {i eat it every day in my salad!} i'm apprehensive about putting it in a smoothie! haha. but maybe i'll suck it up and try it!! goodness i need to start reading more food blogs…i love acronyms!

  2. Food Blog! I love food blogs, you should definitely try and give it a whirl! :). I've heard the rave of OIAJ, but haven't tried it yet! I'll definitely have to give it a try when I have an empty jar!

  3. So you just make a smoothie and throw in a big handful of spinach? I'm doubtful but I'm going to try it. I need to get more fruits and vegetables in me anyway. I had salsa today. Does that count as a vegetable? Oh and there were vegetables in my rice!

  4. It sounds weird, but yes, that's what you do! Most people just do a fat frozen banana and then throw in some spinach, pb, some kind of protein powder and milk and give it a whirl!And I definitely count salsa as a vegetable. And hummus. haha

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