Truth: I miss blogging.
Truth: I think I’m going to try out a week where I photoblog what I eat throughout the day.
Truth: This isn’t a formal post, more of a pic spam of what I’ve been eating/trying over the past few days.

Shelley made this GLORIOUS teriyaki sloppy joe creation from this month’s Everyday Rachel Ray magazine – I liked it better as a stir fry kinda dish, though! It tasted like something you would get at a Chinese restaurant (Panda Express, specifically. That place is the GOD of fast(ish) food). We subbed collard greens for swiss chard – AMAZING! The collard greens were so vibrant and chewy – the sauce stuck to the leaves perfectly. This dish also included ground chicken, which was much better than I thought it would be, although I think it needs a flavorful sauce to make it taste like anything.

Peanut Butter Granola. It’s the best. Use chunky peanut butter, please. It just works better that way.

Wheatberries are the newest addition to my oatmeal. Kath from KERF uses them in her oats ALL THE TIME, and since I consider her to be an expert on all things oatmeal, I decided to buy some at Earthfare. With these little beauties, it’s all about the texture and chew – they don’t really have a strong taste, but I LOVE the extra chew it adds to my morning oatmeal.

Almond Milk. No, I don’t like it better than regular milk. I don’t care what anyone says, it does NOT compare. I do like almond milk though, mostly just in my coffee though – it adds a certain (delicious) smoothness. I like to take gulps right out of the carton too.

Since I’m a fadwhore, it’s only natural to expect a review on CLIF bars – this particular flavor was EXCELLENT. Seriously tasted like a blueberry crisp. It kind of had a processed sort of taste to me though – I’m no expert on deciphering ingredient lists though, so I don’t know how healthy it actually is compared to LARA bars. Either way, it was delicious…and yes, that would be art history underneath. Massachio, Giotto, Raphael…yum…

This was my lunch today. Contents = turkey, thin apple slices, spicy mustard, strawberry jam and white American cheese. Weird combo, delicious results. I have to give partial credit to George Foreman. I don’t know what it is about cheese and jam/jelly…probably the salty/sweet combo, but it’s like a party in my mouth. That’s what she said.

We made A LOT of cookies last night. A lot is an understatement. Five different kinds: chocolate cookies w/ pb chips, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip and M&M cookies, chocolate chip and pb chip cookies, AND chocolate/pb chip and M&M cookies. The latter was my favorite. MMMM.

I love carrot cake, but I don’t really love in in CLIF bar form – there is some spice that is particularly abundant in this flavor, but I can’t put my finger on which one…it’s either ginger or nutmeg. Anyways, this spice made this flavor kind of disappointing…boo. Notes = food and nutrition. Love that class.


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  1. that top creation looks GLORIOUS!!!!!maybe i'm really hungry.. but seriously looks incredible!!!you are my inspiration to make homemade granola! i must must must!!! ah! i will after school is over!I LOVE CLIFF BARS!!! so much. and i got so excited when i saw that photo.. i've seriously been eating them for 5 years!!! i was gonna say that carrot cake is my fave but then i saw that you don't like it.. so hahahahaha. i'll tell you what the worst is though… brownie.. totally disgusting!! and i think since you love peanut butter you will love the chunky peanut butter chocolate chip. also one of my faves!i'm so jealous of all that cookie baking!! HOW WONDERFUL!!and i'll end there since i'm bordering on novel comment.. woops!

  2. I….I….(wait for it, wait for it!…)have yet to try a Clif Bar. I have some hiding in the cupboard – but they just ha ven't jumped out at me yet. Guess I'm waiting for a very active day? Anyways – pretty sure carrot cake is one of them, and I was really looking forward to it. I hope it doesn't disappoint 😦

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