New Era for My Fancy Tuna??

Okay, so today begins my week long experiment of posting everything (substantial) that I eat throughout the day. I’m starting with dinner tonight since that’s the only meal I took a picture of today and I’m sure I’ll miss more than a few meals over the next week, but I’m going to do my best to remember.

Basically I want to make this blog more interesting and I think three-ish posts a week on random things I cook is kind of, well, boring. I’m also thinking of combining the personal stuff I put on my other blog, monotone soliloquy, on this blog. So basically my blog will be similar to KERF or IGE, except I’m in college! On summer break! With a library job! Fun times!!


So today isn’t my first FULL day of summer, but I had my last exam today. Art History.

I OWNED that exam. Now I can say adios to Giotto, Massachio, Doryphorous, etc. NEVER AGAIN! Although, truth be told, I did enjoy that class – I just hated studying for it! So much memorization! I feel kind of cultured because of it though. I’ve never taken any other art classes, so before this past semester I was completely ignorant of anything art related. So yay for that!

I celebrated my intellectual freedom with an iced coffee from Jittery Joe’s – excellent. It still hasn’t fully sunken in that I’m done with school, though – I was half worrying about what I had left to study on the bus ride home.

The best part of having no school is going to be reading. And playing Pokemon.

Yes, Pokemon. Let the world know that I LOVE playing Pokemon. On my Gameboy DS, no less. And I just got Soul Silver, which is really bringing back the memories.

Now, to food. For dinner I made Kayla and myself some sweet potato black bean burgers. I’ve actually already covered these delicious burgers on My Fancy Tuna before, although they turned out really ugly looking and I was totally unsure of whether I had gotten the texture right. This time, however, the burgers looked GLORIOUS and I knew I had the texture right (I had it right all along – I’ve tasted bean burgers at restaurants since then). Basically, I felt completely confident in my bean burger making abilities.

The secret is my AWESOME cooking prowess. Except not really. The key is patience and a nonstick skillet. Last time, I had no patience and did not use a nonstick skillet. This time the burgers had a really nice crust from being able to cook without being disturbed and I could flip them easily because 1. They had set and 2. They didn’t stick. Awesome times.

I paired these beauties with some whole wheat buns (sprinkled with garlic powder and cumin), salad, and frozen vegetables (Kroger’s fiesta mix – chickpeas, kidney beans, carrots, broccoli, snap peas). I had to spice the frozen veggies up with Chile powder, garlic powder and Cajun seasoning.

Now to gobble down some muffins that our future roomie, Alexi, brought over while we watch the Sex and the City movie.


One thought on “New Era for My Fancy Tuna??

  1. jittery joes might me the coolest coffee store name EVER! haha. and that veggie BURGER IS INSANITY!bookmarked and READY TO MAKE!!seriously.. as soon as i am done with finals and and go to the grocery store i am totally making these!!! i can't wait!sex and the city movie? how perfect!

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