Vegetables for Breakfast?!

Man, I can already tell this 2 posts/day business is going to be A LOT of work. GOOD THING I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL!! Mwahaha!

Breakfast = oatmeal. Duh. But it was SPECIAL oatmeal! I LOVE pumpkin oatmeal, but the only way I can get pumpkin around these parts this time of year is paying $2.70 for a can of pureed pumpkin at Earthfare. That’s kind of expensive to me. Instead, I decided to use some leftover sweet potato from last night! I was a little apprehensive though – it would either be delicious or really weird tasting. I also added some shredded carrot, per Jessica’s suggestion. Along to that I added pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, a tiny bit of brown sugar, some raisins, drizzle of maple syrup and some maple granola.

Verdict? It was good! It was VERY filling (potato at breakfast = brick in stomach) so I wouldn’t do it every morning, but on occasion it would be deeelightful. The carrots were a great suggestion – they added color and texture to the oats. The sweet potato pretty much tasted like pumpkin, so it was a great substitute.

Lunch will consist of a smaller, leftover bean burger on a bed of spinach, along with some cantaloupe and grapes (the grapes are on their last leg, sorry they look so gross). Does anyone else have trouble spelling cantaloupe? I can NEVER get it right. I also can’t spell diarrhea without spell check….I guess that’s a little gross to share. I swear I don’t have to type that word much.

Anyways, off to work I go! I’m learning how to shelve U.N. and Great Britain documents.


2 thoughts on “Vegetables for Breakfast?!

  1. Girrrl, this looks fan.freaking.tastic. I could understand how the sweet potato could be much heavier than a usual breakfast, though! It'd prob come in handy for busy mornings, though :)Love that you used raisins,carrots, and all those goodies, too. Yum! I'll certainly have to give it a go sometie soon :)Also! Dakota bread is pretty much just plain amazing, but I'm guessing you wanted more of a technical definition 😉 It's a whole grain bread with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, oats, millet, and seasonings like garlic and onion…and I'm not sure what else! But toasted, it reminds me just like an everything bagel. You ought to give it a try 😉

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