So ever since I started eating oatmeal, cereal totally lost all of its appeal. I HATE soggy cereal, so I always felt rushed to gobble up the cereal in 2.4 seconds. Cereal also doesn’t fill me up like oatmeal does and I USED to think that you couldn’t do toppings with cereal. The only two cereals that were filling, impervious to sogginess, and fulfilled my need to have a long, drawn out breakfast were Frosted Mini Wheats and Kashi Go Lean Crunch (honey, flax and almond, please). Yesterday, however, I decided to make a cereal/oatmeal hybrid.

You see, the weirdest thing has happened – I haven’t been craving oatmeal lately. I mean, oatmeal is still THE bomb. Oatmeal will always be my love. But oatmeal is hot and doesn’t have the same appeal on a warm, summer morning like it used to during the winter. Insert cereal. I see Kath make wacky cereal concoctions on KERF (yep, it’s one of my favorite blogs, as you can tell. I think I’ve referenced it in every post all week), so I figured I could do it too. So this morning for breakfast, I did 1/3 cup of muesli, 1/3 cup of crunch Raisinbran, 1/2 cup of Frosted Mini Wheats (aka pick out a handful of the frostiest looking squares in the box – sorry, Mom), 1/2 cup of berries and 1 small banana, cut into chunks. And some milk.

Oh man, this really hit the spot. I wish I had taken a picture…it was so nice looking. It was nice and cold and although the muesli and Raisinbran got kind of soggy, it kind of worked since they were paired with the fluffy banana chunks and sog-resistant mini wheats. So good. This will be my summer oatmeal, I think. At least when I’m home – we have lots of cereal options here.

In other news, I saw Mary Poppins at the Fox last night. It was good, but I’d KILL to see Beauty and the Beast there. Or The Lion King. I kind of felt like I was in Las Vegas, though – the Fox has super dim lighting, fancy bathrooms, huge droves of people, and was very cold.

The best part of last night though was dinner – my mom, sister and I ate at The Flying Biscuit! It’s like a hip version of Waffle House. They have tofu dishes, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, veggie burgers and super awesome biscuits (served with equally awesome apple butter). I had a really hard deciding, but narrowed it down to The Devil Burger (veggie burger, spicy), tofu scramble, and BBQ tofu wrap before choosing the Devil Burger. It was really delicious, but it wasn’t spicy at all and the patty was pretty thin. I ended up only eating the bottom bun with the burger – eating both buns kept me from tasting the good stuff in the middle! Lara got some kind of chicken pot pie stew and Mom got oatmeal pancakes with peach topping. Her pancakes were HUGE and super thick, but had a really great cinnamon and maple flavor.

Lara’s chicken pot pie – very creamy, very rich, very tasty!

My “Devil” Burger, topped with some insane feta cheese with a fruit salad. I have to say, this fruit salad was superb – usually I get really sub-par fruit like under-ripe honeydew, a couple of grapes and bad apples, but this fruit was PERFECT.

Mom’s pancakes – heaven!

On a side note, the more I visit Atlanta, the more I want to live there after college. I used to think Atlanta was really grimy and full of big, boring skyscrapers, but the parts of Atlanta I’ve gone through lately are really beautiful! Lots of parks, cute houses, awesome little coffee shops and restaurants, WHOLE FOODS, etc. Yeah, I’d have to pay out the butthole to live there, but it’s nice to dream!


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  1. ahh i'm so glad you aren't giving up on cereal!! okay so thats seriously what i do!! a potpourri of cereal! i usually use raison bran crunch + my favorite granola from trader joes.. then on top i put either blueberrys or dried cranberries. the teenist amount of milk {so it doesn't get soggy} and seriously its the best thing ever and i never get tired of it!a hip version of waffle hose with an insanely delicious looking veggie burger?? i'm loving it!!

  2. Mmm those all look/sound so good. I've always thought Atlanta was a hot sticky grimy place. That may just be because I've only been to the airport though.

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