Whew, it’s only Monday and I’ve already tried out two new recipes! I know I said in a recent post that I LUUURRVE cooking for myself, but overall, I like cooking for others more. This is not because I’m a generous and giving soul who loves to show love for others through cooking; it’s because […]

First off, does anyone listen to Stars? I LOVE this band – the girl singer is also in A Broken Social Scene and Metric (both of those bands are great as well). Anyways, they released a new CD yesterday – in typical Stars fashion it’s 1. Awesome 2. All of the songs have a common […]

The most heavenly combination in my book is peanut butter and jelly. Not chocolate and peanut butter, not french fries and ketchup, not pork and BBQ. Don’t get me wrong, these are all nice and delicious, but peanut butter and jelly makes my heart sing. Seriously. It’s weird because I didn’t like PB&J sandwiches as […]

One might think that I would know the food side of Athens inside and out after living there for two years…I mean, there are TONS of unique, charming, atmospheric, and all around delicious restaurants ALL OVER this awesome college town. But alas, I have NOT explored Athens much at all, something I hope to change […]

Great news…I FINALLY went to a farmer’s market today! It was kind of small since it wasn’t the typical Saturday morning event, but I still bought some great local produce! Kayla and I split a loaf of organic rye bread (which is absolutely delicious and chewy), a HUGE summer squash, some interesting zucchini/squash hybrid, a […]

Okay, before I return to regular My Fancy Tuna programming, here are some closing thoughts to sum up my vacation… 1. Ducks like Disney World. There were ducks EVERYWHERE. And cranes.2. Disney employees are extremely happy people…happier than Chikfila people, even.3. Florida water tastes kind of smokey, but makes your hair softer. 4. Digestives = […]

For the Disney World recap, I think I’ll do the top 2 best parts of each park, but first I have some bar reviews. I’m quickly becoming a bar whore, specifically for LARA bars. It blows my mind that 3-5 REAL ingredients can create such delicious rectangles of goodness. PB&J. Be still my heart. It […]

Oh Disney, how I miss you! I gotta say, I think Disney World was more fun for me as a 20 year old than it was when I was 10 – the ten year gap between trips made me forget EVERYTHING, so Disney World was practically new to me! Almost every day was jam-packed with […]