Okay, before I return to regular My Fancy Tuna programming, here are some closing thoughts to sum up my vacation…

1. Ducks like Disney World. There were ducks EVERYWHERE. And cranes.
2. Disney employees are extremely happy people…happier than Chikfila people, even.
3. Florida water tastes kind of smokey, but makes your hair softer.
4. Digestives = British wafer cookies.

5. Model rooms = time share trap. Whoops.
6. It all started with a mouse 🙂

Aaaaaaaand I AM capable of spending a lot of money. It’s shameful that I spent that much on Disney merchandise. Except a good, happy kind of shameful.

Okay, so who has read The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo? I am probably really late jumping on this bandwagon, but that book ROCKED! Usually I’m not into murder mysteries, but this one roped me in and I just couldn’t put it down! I LOVE Lisbeth…such a great character! I’ll admit, I was a little dubious about the whole craze surrounding the trilogy when I first started reading – the financial stuff was all over my head. Like, WHOOOOOOSH over my head. You see, I’m TERRIBLE at math and economics…so bad in fact that my old government/economics teacher from high school told my sister not to follow in my footsteps when she takes AP economics next year.


Anyways, but once Lisbeth was introduced, I was completely hooked and I can’t wait to read the next one! The good thing about not realizing this trilogy’s existence until now is that I don’t have to wait for any of the books to come out 🙂 Mwahaha! So anyways, go read it! Right now I’m reading My Antonia, per Jenna’s recommendation. She’s totally right by saying it’s like a cooler Little House on the Prairie type of book. I don’t know that I will call it one of my favorite reads, but it’s definitely a good book!

Also, I saw Shrek 4 – TERRIBLE movie, seriously. It had none of the Shrek-ness from the first two movies. Bleh, it was very disappointing. I’m totally pumped for Toy Story 3 this weekend though – I don’t think PIXAR will disappoint me. Lara and I watched the first two movies this past week (part of our summer Disney marathon), not that we really needed it 😉 .

Ah yes, now to food. Lots of good eats recently, but I’ll just show you one for now because the picture is the prettiest, haha.

Recently I’ve read a lot of good things about canned salmon, which I had always assumed would be nasty, kind of how I thought sardines would be nasty. In fact, however, canned salmon is a tasty (and cheap) alternative to regular (and expensive) salmon! I decided to make salmon patties, which I used to HATE with a passion.

My mom LOVES salmon patties and makes them frequently for dinner. Until, well, last week, I despised them. Since my mom makes dinner menus for each week, I always knew when we were having the evil salmon patties and I always dreaded that day. I can’t really explain why I hated them…I guess I just didn’t have the palate for them yet. Mom always drizzles honey on top of hers, which was even more disgusting for me…honey is definitely not something I can stomach in large quantities. Anyways, for some reason I decided to give salmon patties another try. First, I decided to call them salmon cakes. It just sounds more appealing than PATTIES. I mean, I think of cow patties when I hear the word “patty.”

I also decided to try adding different spices and ingredients to jazz them up – I was inspired by Kath’s recipe for salmon salad, actually. The star was curry powder. Awesome choice, if I do say so myself..

Curry Salmon CAKES
Serves 4

– 1 egg
– 1 15 oz can of salmon
– 2-3 tbsp raisins
– 1 tbsp minced onion (I used dried)
– 1/4 cup Panko
– 2 tbsp mayo or plain yogurt
– 1 tsp curry
– 1/2 tsp paprika
– 1/2 tsp cayenne (if you like some zing!)
– oil for the pan (2-3 tbsp)

Heat up the oil in a pan. Mix all of the other ingredients in a mixing bowl, then form four cakes with your hands (they might be kind of crumbly). Place them on the pan and flatten them out a bit with a spatula. Let the cakes cook for 5 minutes, or until a nice, brown crust has formed. Carefully flip the cakes and let them cook on the other side, about 5 minutes. Plate and serve!

I topped my cakes with some plain yogurt…if I had had lemons, I would have mixed some lemon juice into the yogurt. I just liked the contrast between the cool, creamy yogurt and the crunchy salmon cake. As you can see, I had my cake with a nice salad topped with strawberries, goat cheese crumbles and balsamic vinegar.

And can I just say that goat cheese is AWESOME?! Holy crap, that stuff MELTS in your mouth. So amazing. I have been deprived.

Anyways, the cakes were great! I like my mom’s salmon cakes now, but really liked the changes I made, especially the curry and the raisins. The sweetness from the raisins were a nice surprise in each bite and went well with the spices. I actually may have semi-burnt my cakes, but I enjoyed the hearty crunch. I’m sorry I misjudged you, canned salmon + salmon patties/cakes.


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  1. LOVE Mcvitie's digestives! My friend always brings me the choco kind from England when she visits. And your salmon cakes look fab! To answer your question, I did HIIT on a tready. And yes, it was kind of annoying to keep pressing buttons! =P

  2. i love all your disney souvenirs!! i would buy out all the stores too!! i mean you don't go to disney every day! so you gotta get souvenirs!digestives… hmm wow i never knew that! guess you learn something new everyday! haha. those salmon cakes look so YUM!

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