One might think that I would know the food side of Athens inside and out after living there for two years…I mean, there are TONS of unique, charming, atmospheric, and all around delicious restaurants ALL OVER this awesome college town. But alas, I have NOT explored Athens much at all, something I hope to change this summer. I guess I can call this past week an official starting point, seeing as I went to two uniquely (I think) Athens restaurants AND visited the Athens Farmer’s Market.

So Monday = Transmetropolitan, an awesome pizza place. Previously Athen’s Mellow Mushroom held my heart’s pizza title (sad, right?), but after eating one of Transmet’s ENORMOUS slices of pizza, I feel like I’ve had a divine revelation. The restaurant itself is nothing too exciting, but it definitely has that cool, college vibe.

Or maybe I just made that up. I’m all about atmosphere.

The pizza selection is also other worldly, mainly because you can customize your own SLICE of pizza. I HATE when you can only customize a whole pizza pie – although I have a reputation for owning a black hole of a stomach, I certainly can’t eat an entire pizza alone and not many people share my desire to try out unorthodox toppings. So anyways, at Transmet you can customize one pizza slice, starting at $1.95 (!!!), with each additional topping rounding out at a measly 95 cents! They also have specialty pizzas, HUGE calzones, and sandwiches. I got a slice of thin crust Hawaiian with extra black olives and blackened tofu. It may sound kind of weird, but it totally worked. The tofu was flavorful and crispy and the olives added a nice salty bite that contrasted well with the sweet pineapple.

Uh, imagine a bodaciously fat slice of pizza here…Shelley’s sending me the picture later tonight, hopefully.

EDIT – Here is my beautiful pizza slice:

Just to let you guys know, kalamata olives are my new obsession. I LOVE them! I’m still not fond of green olives, though – too sweet! I’m also pretty sure that Hawaiian pizza is my new favorite pizza “flavor.” Basically I’m all over sweet and salty these days, what with my apple, turkey, cheese and jam sandwiches and adding salty cottage cheese to sweet oats.

Uhh, anyways, I also went to Big City Bread with my work friends (FYI, I typed out co-workers originally, but I feel weird saying that…I’m still too young haha). I’ve actually been here before with Kayla and Shelley, but it was nice to visit again. Big City Bread has great, fresh food and I’m pretty sure a lot of it is locally grown. Anyways, we sat outside under awesome Chinese Oaks – sounds nice, but we were soon attacked by kamikaze flies that were on a mission to eat our food. I got a sandwich with prosciutto di parma (first time eating prosciutto!!!), goat cheese, peach/apricot preserves, balsamic vinegar and basil.

And a pickle on the side. Mmm, pickle.

The sandwich was AWESOME!! I loved the prosciutto. It was so buttery smooth and had a perfect salty bite that went perfectly with the preserves! Chris got a really tasty looking flatbread topped with a fried egg, apple smoked bacon and arugula, while Kathy ordered a fresh Greek salad. Adam rounded out our party with a hefty chicken sandwich and roasted asparagus! All fresh, all tasty, all cheap! After dinner we tried out some shaved (milk)ice at Sun-o. Basically you have your base shaved ice and you pick a syrup and toppings – I got coffee syrup and banana slices. They didn’t exactly mesh well together, but it was tasty all the same. I think I like frozen yogurt better, though.

Fat chicken sandwich – look at all that meat! I hate it when restaurants skimp on sandwich meat.

Fried Egg Flatbread. There was a huge egg under than mountain of arugula, I promise!

We’ve decided to go out to a different Athens restaurant each week, which I’m totally stoked about. Next week is Five Star Day, which, according to Adam, is down home food with a “twist.” YUM.

Whew, sorry about the looong reviews – hopefully they’re interesting (tell me if they aren’t!).

Also, I finished two more books this past week. First I read Cleaving by Julie Powell. It was alright, but I definitely liked Julie and Julia better, although I did learn a lot about the different cuts of meat from pigs and cows. Note to self, NEVER eat sweetbread. Or oxtails. Ugh.

I also read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, who wrote The Time Traveler’s Wife. I didn’t have high expectations for this book when I started it, but boy, that book was AMAZING. Seriously, it was just as good, if not better, than TTTW. It was such an original story with great characters and writing. I think this book ties with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as my favorite summer 2010 book.

Of course, we’re only in June, so we’ll see what happens.

Aaaaand Lara and I finally saw Prince of Persia. It was okay. I was hoping it would be the next Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC is one of my all time favorite movies), but sadly it did not live up to that standard. It was kind of hokey at some parts and the amount of CGI was overwhelming at times – I honestly can’t stand the overuse of CGI in movies today. Anyways, I’m curious to know how fans of the games felt about the movie – any comments?

Next post = some amazing PB&J cookies!

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! I love trying out new restaurants in town where I live! So much fun. Unfortunately I don't take enough time to go out and explore my own city, I really need to try and change that! The pizza place sounds awesome! I love that you can customize just a slice! Enjoy your weekend! Love the reviews πŸ™‚

  2. I've always been grossed out by sweet breads too. I can't imagine the thought of eating it. Your sandwich with the prosciutto looks divine! I had it for my first time last year in a chicken cordon bleu, and loved it as well. :D(p.s. I love your food reviews!)

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