First off, does anyone listen to Stars? I LOVE this band – the girl singer is also in A Broken Social Scene and Metric (both of those bands are great as well). Anyways, they released a new CD yesterday – in typical Stars fashion it’s 1. Awesome 2. All of the songs have a common theme (and seems to build off of themes in their earlier CDs and 3. Slightly eerie.

Basically, I love it. Go listen to them!

What are your favorite bands??

I loooooooooove Muse, they’re definitely my favorite. I also like Coldplay, Band of Horses, Rogue Wave and Iron and Wine.

On another note, can I just say that I am SO glad I decided to emerge from my hermit hole once a week to go explore a little bit of Athens? I mean, I’m doing EXACTLY what I imagined college life would consist of in high school – eating in super cool, unique restaurants then talking outside with friends for hours and just taking in Athens. I had such a great time last night and Five Star Day was definitely gets five stars from me.

….har har?

But yeah, Five Star Day had a great menu full of down home favorites, but they focus on local/in season ingredients. The prices are great and the food is even better! I ordered Spicy Chipotle Pork, which was the special for the day. I opted out of mashed potatoes for collards and hoppin’ john.

Five Star Day Cafe on Urbanspoon

Holy crap guys…the pork was SO good. Like, I died a little inside when I tasted it. In a good way. It wasn’t too spicy, but it had so much flavor and the pork was so tender…I need to find out how to make this. It was like BBQ kicked up 1000000000000 notches. The collards were chewy and delicious – I don’t know what kind of broth they cooked it in (I’m thinking some kind of alcohol, but I’m not completely sure), but it was amazing. The hoppin’ john was very good too…it had NOTHING on my dad’s New Year’s black eyed peas, though.

I yearn for his black eyed peas. Why must they only come once a year???

The corn muffin was nice, but I like savory corn bread over sweet, so I gave it to Adam. Speaking of Adam, he ordered an AWESOME looking BLT with fried green tomatoes, which he so generously shared with Chris and I.

Again, holy crap. It was my first fried tomato tasting and I am SO ashamed that I had never given them a try before. Words cannot describe the deliciousity that is a fried green tomato. Apparently Five Star Day has THE best fried green tomatoes (according to Adam), so I guess I’m setting the bar pretty high for future tastings pretty high.

Chris got a FAT BBQ sandwich with a FAT helping of mashed potatoes. All very tasty. Five Star Day is definitely heavier than Big City Bread, but I think both are A+ restaurants. I am already pumped for next week’s outing!

And now, I will reveal to you all the depth of my food freakness. For my birthday, my aunt, uncle and cousin gave me an American Express giftcard. I am kind of weird with giftcards, as in I tend to horde them for extended periods of time, waiting for THE perfect moment to spend them, which never really comes. For example: I’ve had a giftcard to Barnes and Noble for 3 years.

Three. Years.

I finally spent it a few months ago…it was really hard for me. It was like buyer’s remorse, except it wasn’t even my money. I suppose I like the security of knowing I have a plethora of giftcards in my wallet at all times. Anyways, I decided to bite the bullet and use the American Express card to buy expensive foods at Earthfare that I would never buy with my own money.

Yep, I bought food with my American Express card. Isn’t that sad? I’m glad I did it though – not only did I get some fun foods that I see all over blogs, but I also realized just how expensive it would be to regularly shop at places like Earthfare and Whole Foods.

My loot included: Almond butter, dates, Crofter’s jam, a Justin’s maple almond butter packet, Almond milk (I couldn’t help myself, I had a coupon), 5 grain oatmeal, and tempeh. I almost bought some Siggi’s and Pop Chips, but I figured I was close to maxing out my card (which I did).

I tried the almond butter and dates right away, obviously. I feel kind of wasteful buying almond butter since I can easily (sort of – I could really use a better food processor….hello Target giftcard?) make it myself, but I’ve always wanted to buy a jar. It’s great! Honestly, I think I like peanut butter better (don’t kill me), but it’s definitely delicious. I mean really, how can you go wrong with any nut butter??

I was a little disappointed in the dates though, which made me sad. They tasted like I thought they would, but the texture REALLY threw me off – I never imagined that the middle would be creamy/mushy! I can’t say I really liked it. No matter, though. I figure I can use the dates to make brownies, homemade LARA bars, etc.

And finally, I whipped together a delicious omelet for dinner using a crap ton of leftovers: half a baked potato, cherry tomatoes (from my backyard), a zephyr (weird squash/zucchini hybrid from FM), a jalapeno (from my backyard), 2 eggs, some sweet corn, some goat cheese, lots of Cajun seasoning and some chili powder. It was kind of wonky looking because I forgot to whisk the eggs before I poured it into the pan, but it was still tasty. I sauteed the veggies first, then poured in the eggs, added the goat cheese and let the egg set.

Then I heavily doused the whole thing in Frank’s buffalo sauce. Ah, nothin’ better than Frank’s, folks.

I love cooking for others, but I especially love cooking for myself – no one to please but myself and I can make it as weird/random as I want.


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  1. I've never heard of Stars but I'm also a fan of Muse. They have a lot of good running songs :)Honestly, I haven't updated my ipod in a whileeeee but I like to listen to Seether, Rise Against, Foo Fighters, and MJ of course lolI'm surprised you didn't like the dates! You can always use them in smoothies/raw desserts/larabars

  2. Muse has AWESOME running songs. My favorite is "New Born."I'm surprised that I didn't like dates too! I was so mad that I didn't, haha! I already made some larabar balls, just quick testers…very delicious. I definitely think I can find ways to use those dates!

  3. ahh I LOVE STARS! i actually loved metric first. and then i fell in love with broken social scene {saw them live… INCREDIBLE} and then someone told me about stars and i couldn't believe it! so good!!all this food looks ridiculous delicious!!! i am definitely lacking in my summer snacking! haha.

  4. I love using giftcards to buy food! My logic is that food is something you totally need and have to spend money on anyway, so when you get a giftcard it's like getting free food. :)I loved your comment on my blog about regular M&Ms! I can't say that I've ever thought they smelled like melty crayons…but hey, to each his own, right? 🙂

  5. I am loving all that good old southern food! Oh and I laughed about the B&N giftcard because I totally keep mine forever as well. ALSO, I'm pretty sure I bought that exact same stuff at Freshmarket (which is like Earthfare) a few weeks ago! The exact same Crofter's, the exact same Justin's nut butter, same Almond Breeze (if yours is unsweetened vanilla). Too funny!!

  6. I also love cooking/combing random food for myself. I get the weirdest looks at work, but if I like it, that's all that matters, right? Also, I love Muse.

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