Are there some foods that you really just don’t understand? Food that just tastes blah and you don’t know why it exists at all? For me (since I know you all are SO curious), this would be canned/frozen corn kernels, Kraft Easy Mac, Kid Cuisines, Kix cereal, white bread, Velveeta Cheese, cheapo frozen pizzas, and […]

Jersey Shore. Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teen Mom. Etc. Last year I refused to watch these shows. I thought they were completely stupid and not worth my time. Unfortunately, my roommates and most of my friends watched these shows, so while they laughed and enjoyed themselves, I holed up in my room and studied […]

Today on My Fancy Tuna: BLUNDERS A PLENTY! Is that how you spell a plenty? Or is it aplenty? Or a’plenty? Whatever. Anyways, my blunders vs. winners score is 2-1 this week. Blunders are a blow to my ego when they happen, but afterward (like five minutes) I can usually laugh at my mistakes/stupidity. Except […]

Sooo this post is going to be pretty light on food – I didn’t really eat/create anything interesting since my last post. Sad, right? Although, I DID have Panda Express, which, in my opinion, is QUALITY fast food. I LIVE for their low mien and am a huge fan of the mushroom chicken. Any other […]

First, I’m on a mission to win me some BARNEY BUTTER!!! A Teenage Gourmet is hosting a Barney Butter giveaway, and one of the ways to win is to mention her site on a blog post, so viola! Blog shout out, check! I hope I win. I REALLY want to win. I am a food […]

Say hello to my new addiction: I am fully aware that these have the nutritional value of air, but that’s healthier than copious handfuls of BBQ Lays, so I feel better about myself when I eat them. Chips, I’ve decided, are my Achilles heel when it comes to junk food. Put them in front of […]

Well howdy, ya’ll! Man, three posts in a week…weird, right? I guess I’ve been pretty productive on the food front this week, so I have more to talk about than usual. First, however, I need to get something off my chest…a rant, if you will. I CANNOT STAND Ashley Greene. Kayla has heard this rant […]

Confession: I get THE biggest ego boost from watching my coworkers gobble up my baked goods. I love how I can bake ANYTHING I want and know that people at work will eat it – it’s the simple pleasures in life, people. And the best part is, they think I’m just being extremely generous or […]

So…Savannah and Charleston. Two beautiful cities that SHOULD be foodie heavens, right? Wrong. At least when said foodie likes “hip,” local, unique restaurants with cool sandwiches, salads, etc, while her family likes more mainstream fare. I’m not hating on my family’s palates by any means, but I was a little disappointed by the food part […]