Say hello to my new addiction:

I am fully aware that these have the nutritional value of air, but that’s healthier than copious handfuls of BBQ Lays, so I feel better about myself when I eat them. Chips, I’ve decided, are my Achilles heel when it comes to junk food. Put them in front of me and I will DEVOUR them.

By the way, the copious handfuls of BBQ Lays is a true story – I enjoyed those handfuls alongside a delicious, campfire-cooked bratwurst. And the delicious, campfire-cooked bratwurst was topped with a bodacious amount of sauerkraut and mustard. So. Good.

Apparently Kayla and I were the only sophisticated campers out of the bunch – the others were repulsed by the sauerkraut and proceeded to eat naked brats. Their loss, right?

And no camping trip can be complete without a s’more (or three, if you’re cool like me (which no one else was – I am the s’mores CHAMP)). Stupid pictures are also appreciated:

Camping also gave me a convenient opportunity to try some new bars. First up = Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar.

I liked this bar, but I have to admit, the spices were very strong. It had a very intense cinnamon and nutmeg flavor that could easily be overbearing if you’re, oh I don’t know, carsick from reading Shape magazine during a ride up a mountain. It’s a pretty small bar, too. I think I would have rather had more bar and less “icing,” to be honest. Overall, I’d give this bar a B+.

Next, Kashi’s Dark Mocha Almond:

I LOVE this bar. The mocha flavor is just intense enough and there are lots of chocolate chips. The almonds give a nice crunch and some substance to the bar. These bars are longer than the pumpkin pie ones, but they still don’t pack a HUGE punch when trying to quiet a growling stomach. These bars are definitely more filling than the Quaker Chewy bars – it’s a shame they’re 2 bucks more a box, though. Dark Mocha Almond bars get an A+.

Bar number three = Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter CLIF bar

This bar was very tasty – it’s probably my second favorite, behind Blueberry Crisp. I’m still on the fence with CLIF bars overall, though. Sometimes they taste kind of fake – I’d like to know if they’re actually healthy or if it’s just junk hiding under an “organic” stamp. Anyways, junk or not, this bar was really filling – I had it as part of my camper’s breakfast and it easily helped hold me over until lunch. Overall, an A-.

And finally, the Chocolate Brownie CLIF bar.

Meh. This bar tasted chocolate-y, but had a weird, gritty texture that I didn’t really like. It tasted a lot better after heating it in the microwave for 8 seconds, but honestly, I’d rather just have a real brownie. If I had to choose between a CLIF bar and a LARA bar, I’d pick the LARA bar any day of the week, unless it was like, tropical fruit flavor or something. I love the ingredient lists on LARA bars along with the fact that they taste real. Overall, a B.

WOOHOO bar reviews! Are you a barwhore like me? Which brand/flavor is your favorite??

In other news, I started (finally) Grapes of Wrath. I LOVE the way John Steinbeck writes – he creates such powerful imagery with his descriptions and he seems incredibly inspired by landscapes and nature in the West (obviously). East of Eden is one of my favorite books, so I have high hopes for Grapes of Wrath.

Well, I’m off to eat at The Grit. Next post will be a restaurant review and recipe for making tempeh delicious…and here’s the kicker – I MADE IT UP MYSELF! Ego boost for Sara!


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  1. I am def a barwhore haha! I seriously love buying them and have a ton in all of my bags and purses, backpack etc! Clif bars actually keep me full for ages and are soo delish! Great blog girl!!

  2. I've only read Of Mice and Men, but def have East of Eden on my pile of books to read! And Sauerkraut and bratwurst?! So German!! I had really good sauerkraut this weekend with my Nuernburger Sausages! Sounds like a fun trip!

  3. i think the chocolate peanut crunch is the kind that i got after the intramural fields that one day. it was quite delicious! and love the camping picture. it shows your true personality 🙂 lol

  4. Oh man, such a barwhore – my recent obsession? KIND bars. SO good, especially the almond coconut. I feel you on the clif bars, they sketch me out a little sometimes, but I love the maple nut one. Cute pictures!! I feel like you'd get along so well with my friends and I, haha, I have so many pics of us doing exactly that kind of thing. Can't wait for that tempeh recipe!!

  5. Hahaha, I love veggie straws! I have been trying to get my boyfriend to eat better, so he always point out stuff like that at the store. Last week he said, "Veggie straws! Those are healthy, right?" I have to break his poor little heart right then and there…As far as bars go, I am a Clif Bar addict. The Carrot Cake flavor is to die for!

  6. hahaha yes.. I AM A BARWHORE!but clif bars are my jam!obsessed with the carrot cake one!oh and i love veggie straws! by some grace of God i don't like regular chips.. but veggie straws.. oh man.. salty deliciousness!

  7. I'm so picky about my bars too. Taste wise my favorite by far is Luna bars, but they are pure soy and sugar. I love the simplicity of the ingredients of Larabars, but they are so high in calories and I don't need that many calories for a little snack.

  8. I am OBCESSED with bars!! I a good way, I hope… lol I love Larabars. I really want to try the new flavors, but can't find them ANYWHERE! Have you tried them yet??

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