Today on My Fancy Tuna: BLUNDERS A PLENTY!

Is that how you spell a plenty? Or is it aplenty? Or a’plenty?

Whatever. Anyways, my blunders vs. winners score is 2-1 this week. Blunders are a blow to my ego when they happen, but afterward (like five minutes) I can usually laugh at my mistakes/stupidity.

Except for the one time I bought REAL deli turkey at Kroger during one of our first roommate grocery trips last year and how majorly expensive sliced turkey is for three people. I was a grump the rest of the day. Now I can laugh at this, but at the time it was serious business.

But I digress..

Blunder numero uno = (nonexistent) Vietnamese food adventures. My coworkers and I were supposed to dine on delicious Pho for our weekly Athens adventure, but were sorely disappointed to discover that Just Pho is closed on Mondays.

[Side Note: Do Athens restaurants have a case of the Mondays or something? Just Pho is definitely not the only Athens restaurant that is closed on Mondays. Weird.]

We decided to relocate to Mirko, which is just down the street from Just Pho. Mirko is cool Italian restaurant that may or may not be indigenous to Athens. Normally I wouldn’t suggest an Italian restaurant (I find most Italian restaurants kind of boring), but I ate at Mirko once before with my roommates and we all loved it! It has a really cool, laid back atmosphere but the service is incredible! Everyone is served complimentary bread and cannelini bean/olive oil/rosemary dip before the meal. Mirko also has a lot of cool appetizers like prosciutto and cantaloupe salad, but the coolest part is the way you can mix and match your entree. Basically you pick the type of pasta/ravioli you want, then you pick a sauce to go on top. Mirko has lots of unusual pasta shapes, like trecce, along with orthodox choices like penne. The sauces range from your basic tomato basil sauce to crab meat sauce. And while other restaurants slack on Mondays, Mirko kicks it up a notch by offering “Free Pasta Monday,” where you buy a sauce and a drink and get your pasta free! Score for cheap, delicious dinners.

Maybe I’ll change the blunder-winner score to 2-2. Seems fair.

Anyways, I chose the trecce pasta to go with the garlic shrimp and zucchini in white wine sauce. It was so fresh, light and delicious! My only complaint is that the dish was kinda skimpy on the shrimp, but for $6, I can’t complain too much.

After dinner, Adam and I introduced Kathy and Chris to the majesty that is Earthfare. I think they were a little overwhelmed by its awesomeness, but I, being an Earthfare pro (HAHA), proceeded to buy some almond milk and fresh peanut butter from the bulk section. Nothing like having four jars of nut butter open at the same time.

So, overall, the night wasn’t a TOTAL loss, but I was really looking forward to trying some Pho.

Blunder #2 = blackberry cobbler. How does one mess up blackberry cobbler, you ask? Well, you see, I have this tendency to skim over directions and promptly forget what I just read. This is especially problematic when trying to figure out how to “make” self-rising flour.

Basically, I needed a cups worth of baking soda/powder, but added two cups worth. I originally set out to make individual cobblers in a muffin tin, but obviously those plans were foiled by my poor reading comprehension. The result of this was burnt cobbler dough on the bottom of the oven. Yum.

I proceeded to dump the filling from the muffin tins into an 8×8 baking dish, along with the second half of the dough and the remainder of my blackberries (probably a cup’s worth), then I sprinkled the top with a tablespoon of sugar and baked it for 50 minutes at 350. This recipe (courtesy of The Pioneer Woman) made a different cobbler than I usually eat, but it was still pretty tasty, all things considered. I’m pretty sure the dough part is the same kind of dough that makes funnel cake – delicious! The blackberries held their shape, but dissolve when you bite into them.

Cobbler always looks pretty to me – berries and stone fruit bake beautifully and add colorful vibrancy to desserts.

I think I’ll save my non-blunder dinner for my next post. This one is looking a little lengthy. Tell me about a recent blunder of yours, cooking or not. I need to feel adequate again.


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  1. I love, love, love berry cobblers. This looks perfect, in my opinion. Mmm…Does dropping an entire bowl of oatmeal on the floor or accidentally adding sugar instead of salt to veggies count as a blunder? Because I'm the queen of such things. It makes life interesting…haha.

  2. The cobbler looks really good and I've seen the Pioneer Woman recipe (also delicious looking!)I mess up on recipes all the time. I've FORGOTTEN flour in cookie recipes — imagine me scooping super runny "dough" onto the cookie sheet and thinking "why is this so runny? it must know what to do in the oven". NOPE out comes a burnt sheet of cookie dough which was almost completely black after only a few seconds. I wanted to cry because I wasted a whole bag of choc chips!

  3. I feel like if I'm going to enjoy an Italian restaurant it either needs to be a small, mom and pop one, or I need to be surrounded by my track family 🙂

  4. oh man do i have a good blunder story or two.. ahah. it is the name of my blog! haha. but is it okay that i still think the blueberry cobbler looks ridiculously delicious!? hahah!

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