It feels like an eternity since I’ve updated! Not too much has gone on ’round these parts. I successfully completed my first cooking food lab. Even though I only pressure cooked and microwaved carrots, I still had TONS of fun! My lab instructor even told me that I hold the knife and chop correctly!

I suppose that’s a lame thing to be proud of, but whatever. I thrive on praise in the school setting. I’m one of THOSE students.

I also might possibly be one of those students who switches her major halfway through college, resulting in a couple extra years of schooling. Schooling meaning two years worth of chemistry and biology.

Ugh. You know how I said my brain was like a glass of spilled milk when working with CSS? Well, I can’t even begin to describe what my brain looks like when around math/science. It implodes, that’s what it does. I just can’t stop imagining myself as a dietitian! If I end up switching, it will be a HUGE thing for me – usually I like to stick with stuff I am familiar with and understand. The dietetics major will be a bodacious unknown for me, but I think in the end it will be worth it!

Uh, anyways, now that I’ve shared my life’s story…

Anyways, back to my food lab. I tried a few new dishes that were FANTASTIC, like rhubarb crumble, sauteed bananas and curried fruit bake. Rhubarb crumble is like peach cobbler on crack. It was more tart than peach cobbler, but the sweet, decadent oatmeal topping made it ballin! Plus, our lab instructors put out some vanilla ice cream (which we didn’t have to evaluate, score!) to eat alongside the crumble. The sauteed bananas were probably a lot like bananas foster – just melt the butter in a saute pan, add sliced banana (cut long ways) and top with brown sugar. The sugar formed a deliciously crunchy crust that made the banana like heaven. Seriously. The curried fruit bake was interesting, but definitely good. I never would have thought to put curry with a fruit dessert. The rich, yellow color of the sauce was the best part, in my opinion.

My assignment for this week’s lab is much more exciting – Spinach Parmesan Pie and Cucumber and Bean Sprout Salad. Nothing too complicated, but both sound tasty!

In other news, I went to the Taste of Loganville on Friday. Apparently it’s the new wave of high school fundraisers – pretty much all of the high school’s sports teams worked the event. I’m not really sure what I was expecting out of this…perhaps a bigger variety of restaurants in a street festival setting?

Wrong. So wrong.

It was in my high school’s cafeteria. There were 12 restaurants, including Chili’s, Bojangles, Papa Johns and Texas Roadhouse. Okay, I’m being a little snobby here, but I was expecting a little more…oomph. And okay, it IS Loganville. We’re not exactly a bustling, hip city. Regardless, I still tried some awesome food and was even reunited with Bruster’s. Basically we were given 6 blue tickets for food and a red one for a drink. Trade a ticket for a food item. Easy as pie!

This was a Walnut Cranberry Pecan Salad from Doc Green’s (or Chey’s, I always get them mixed up). It looks really pretty, right? Well, it tasted super bland. The goat cheese was tasty, but other than that, this salad was entirely forgettable.

Red beans and rice, N. Carolina BBQ, and a teeny tiny super cute biscuit from Claude’s Off the Bayou (LOL at the name). This was superb, seriously. Apparently N. Carolina BBQ is tomato based, while GA BBQ is vinegar based. I guess I’m a BBQ novice because I didn’t know the sauce varied from state to state. Either way, the BBQ was really delicious and the pork was very tender, except for the crunchy skin pieces – yum!

After a mediocre plate of Chinese food and some delicious Cuban sandwich samples from Ray’s Cuban Grill, I decided it was time for dessert. I decided on this DIVINE piece of caramel cake from Sweet Aromas. Oh my gosh, I want to take a bath in the icing. It had a slight crust with a creamy, pillowy, sweet underside. The cake was tender, but was really a vehicle for the icing. I know I said I want to take a bath in the peanut sauce from Just Pho, but that’s only when I’m in a savory mood. When I want sweet, give me this icing.

BRUSTER’S!!!! I miss working there a lot sometimes. They didn’t bring my favorite flavor (chocolate raspberry truffle), so I “settled” on double chocolate chunk. It was so good that I didn’t take a picture of it until I was almost done.

Yeah, I wanted a hot dog after eating cake and ice cream. My dad gave me one of his tickets, so I decided to increase the size of my already large food baby and “buy” half a slaw dog. Topped with mustard, ketchup and lots of sauerkraut. Did you know that I love sauerkraut? I think I’ve expressed my love for it in a previous post. Anyways, a hot dog is a hot dog. But I do love sauerkraut!

Oh, and I was tagged by Chelsey! So, seven random things about myself……

1. I hate wearing jewelry. It just gets on my nerves.
2. I watched Titanic for the first time two years ago. I thought it was terrible.
3. I broke my leg by falling down the stairs when I was two.
4. Keira Knightley is my favorite actress…I think she’s so classy!
5. Anchorman is one of my favorite movies. I love that kind of humor.
6. I watch cartoons more than “real” shows. Spongebob is my favorite.
7. I am an anime fan. And I still play Pokemon on my Gameboy DS. No shame.

And I tag: Shelley, Camille, Sarah, Chelsea and Molly! GO FOR IT!!

Also, I’m using this in my roomie dinner this week. Scary, right?


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  1. That's so exciting that you're thinking of going into dietetics! It's an awesome field. One of the things I love most about it is that it's constantly changing as we learn new things in the science world. Love that. :)You had so many great eats, but the caramel cake literally takes the cake. How delicious does that look? πŸ™‚

  2. You should be proud of your cooking lab skills! I took a class like that last semester and I loved it. And for some reason, that spinach pie sounds realllyyyy good right now.Anchorman was a good movie…and I totally love 'stupid' humor πŸ™‚

  3. There is nothing wrong with changing your major! I have changed mine several times (and am currently on my 4th school in 4 years) but you know what? Sometimes it takes some time and experimenting to find the thing you really love! It is worth a few extra years in school is it means you are going to happy for the rest of your life! Never feel like you are stuck in a major or career path just because it is most time efficient!

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