Picture Post!

Well, now I need to learn how to post pictures on WordPress.  Here are some tasty things I’ve posted on My Fancy Tuna in the past!

Chickpea Ragu

This is a chickpea ragu I made – it was basically a bed for broiled salmon.  Personally, I think it’s one of the prettiest dishes I’ve made.

Broiled Salmon

The salmon was pretty tasty, but I really liked the quality of this picture – I mean, I have a $70 Kodak digital camera, so I think this picture is pretty impressive.  Plus the salmon looks super flaky and tender.  Yum.

Oats in a Jar, or OIAJ

OIAJ are a food bloggers delight.  All you need is a 90-95% empty nut butter jar, some of your favorite oatmeal, and a spoon.  Peanut butter oatmeal heaven.

Spiced Nuts

These nuts (and chickpeas) were my first food “hit.”  I made them about a week into my food blogging adventure after seeing them on Everyday Italian for my sister’s birthday party.  People could not keep their hands out of the almond, pistachio and chickpea filled dish.


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