Do you have any “dirty” secrets? Maybe an interest/hobby that you don’t necessarily hide from people, but keep on the down-low for the most part?

Mine is anime.

I’m not really embarrassed about it, per say, although I was during high school and my freshman year. You can read more about that here.

Anyways, I enjoy anime. I also enjoy going to anime conventions and I chose to go to the mac daddy of Georgia “cons,” Anime Weekend Atlanta, instead of going to the UGA/Arkansas home game.

That says A LOT about me and my interests. Actually, I find cons and college football games to be very similar. Read about that here.

But yeah, I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta today with my sister. No, we did not wear costumes, AKA “cosplay.” We did, however, do some hard core people watching. We also went to a panel hosted by Travis Willingham, a pretty big voice actor (for those of you that know anime, he is Mustang in Full Metal Alchemist) – he’s totally hilarious, but it ended up getting annoying towards the end because of the obnoxious fan questions (IE “WILL YOU GIVE ME A HUG?!”). We also toured the GINORMOUS Dealers’ Room, where all of the anime paraphernalia you could ever want is sold. One booth was dedicated to Japanese junk food, which of course sparked my interest. I ended up getting these bun things with chocolate mousse in the middle.

It reminded me of these chocolate cornet things on an anime I watch, so I was pretty excited to try it. Unfortunately, it was basically a Hawaiian roll with semi-gross chocolate goo on the inside. Bummer.

I only have one picture costume; it was definitely one of the funniest/most creative, in my opinion. The other costumes ranged between awesome and really elaborate, to ill-fitting and downright indecent. Sometimes I think they need to enforce some kind of dress code for the girls; it’s honestly kind of gross sometimes. Anyways, here’s the picture – it’s Link from the Super Nintendo Zelda and the dude w/ the controller.

Not much else went on this week; I was studying for two tests and writing my Digital Literacy Narrative for my English class. Food lab was really cool this week, though. I was assigned Baked Cheese Grits and regular, old-fashioned grits. The baked cheese grits were totally delicious and super easy to make. The end result was smooth, creamy, cheesy grits hiding underneath a deliciously crunchy and slighty browned cheese crust. I also had to evaluate what seemed like every kind of rice and grain imaginable. Unfortunately, they were all pretty cold from sitting out in the classroom and were only seasoned with salt. The old-fashioned oats were gummy and congealed, while the wheat berries tasted slimy and fermented. Definitely not what I was used to eating. The recipe portion, however, was much better. I tried millet for the first time (awesome), some savory quinoa casserole, barley pilaf, risotto, vegetable paella, POLENTA (which actually wasn’t that awesome, but I think it was because the chunks were too thin), homemade pasta and some baked goods like bran muffins and oatmeal raisin cookies. Needless to say, I left lab REALLY stuffed.

I’m also slowly working my way through a sample box of PURE bars that I received a couple of weeks ago. So far I’m really impressed, but I think I’m going to do a massive review once I try all of the flavors. Has anyone else tried PURE bars?

That’s it for me – what fun stuff have ya’ll done this weekend?


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  1. Camille – I would LOVE to go to Comic Con!! Good thing I have a year to save for airfare (and swag!).Sarah – Food lab is totally awesome 🙂 Megan – I love the Trail Mix the best! And yes, the sent me samples – 2 of each bar!

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