It’s finally time. Time for a BIG, FAT Pure Bar review!

First off, the people at Pure Bar were REALLY prompt about getting back to me about samples AND mailing them to me – I think it all happened over the course of two weeks! It was a pleasant surprise.

Second, Pure Bars have GREAT stats. All of them are between 180-200 calories, have a nice amount of fiber (3 grams) and are packed with raw fruit and nuts! I’d say they’re a nice comparison to LARA bars, just slightly grittier and a little bigger. Actually, I think the texture is closer to a Clif bar, but I felt like I was eating a LARA bar since the first ingredient for each bar is (organic) dates. I’m not too picky about organic/vegan/vegetarian labels on food, but Pure bars fall under all three of those categories (as well as kosher), so if you’re into that sort of thing, go try these bars! Now I’ll list out the six flavors from favorite to least favorite…

1. Trail Mix.

One of the best flavors I’ve had out of all the different bars I’ve snacked on recently. I LOVED the cacao nibs and the chunks of dried apple. The cool thing about this flavor is that it actually has as many ingredients as real trail mix has – cashews, raisins, apples, sunflower seeds, dates, chocolate, etc! It was just a perfect mix of flavors – sour apple, sweet dates, slightly bitter cacao nibs, nutty cashews – YUM!!!!

2. Wild Blueberry.

I love blueberry cobbler, and this bar tasted like…blueberry cobbler! I loved the gritty texture of the bar and the big chunks of blueberries I tasted in every bite. This was the flavor I was most eager to try and it definitely did not disappoint!

3. Apple Cinnamon.

Uh, this was apple pie in bar form. Lots of apple chunks and tons of walnuts = heaven. I was kind of wary about this flavor – apple flavor things tend to make me nauseous (ie: apple juice – ick). This bar had the perfect balance of sweetness from the dates, tartness from the apples and spicy, warm cinnamon. It was kind of like those delicious 99 cent apple pies from McDonalds – the filling part, anyway.

4. Chocolate Brownie. You guys know how I hate that weird, raw chocolate flavor in so many raw/organic bars. I have to admit, the flavor was kind of there, but it was much better than the Brownie Clif bar and the Chocolate Coconut bar. I don’t know…overall, I’d just rather eat a REAL brownie instead of a healthy bar flavored like a brownie. I also wish it had the delicious cacao nibs in it – those were such a delightful surprise in the Trail Mix bar.

5. Cranberry Orange. I don’t really like fruit flavored bars, so I wasn’t really into this bar. It was a lot better that I thought it would be, but I’m not really a fan of orange anything and cranberries are my least favorite dried fruit. It was still a really good bar considering all of that, though. I loved how big the cranberry chunks were and the mix of almonds and walnuts.

6. Cherry Cashew. I hate dried cherries. Hate them. They are too tart and they usually make me SUPER nauseous. I bit a corner off, hated it and gave the rest to Alexi, who loved it. This isn’t anything on Pure bar, I just don’t like dried cherries.

So there you have it – overall, I loved Pure bars. I wish they were at Kroger – I’ve only seen them at Earthfare, and they’re usually pretty pricey. But yeah, go try some Pure bars (TRAIL MIX!!).

PS – I guess it would have been nice of me to post pictures of the ACTUAL bar instead of the wrappers, but they were too tasty to remember to do that.


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  1. Okay so I just got crazy excited about that apple bar. I don't know if you can buy them up here so I'm going to go on a hunt right now. I'm with you in that I tend to be wary about apple flavored things. More often than not they are chewy, overspiced pieces of cardboard – WITH CINNAMON!!!!!!!! Tsk. Your description won me over ❤ ❤

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