Man, my dinner tonight was supposed to be so awesome! My plan = basil herb couscous, turnip greens and sweet potato gnocchi.

Tonight, I learned that I could never be on Iron Chef. I am NOT great at multi-tasking in the kitchen. Sigh.

I also learned that, as much as I may want to, I will never LOVE gnocchi. Well, maybe one day I’ll eat some at a fancy Italian restaurant or something and like them, but I was not impressed any of the three times I tried them. They’re just so…bland. Like pasta.

Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of pasta. It’s so boring. I like rice better!

Anyways, the dinner prep started smoothly enough – I baked my potatoes last night so I would only have to mix and cook today. I followed Kath’s recipe and added some salt, pepper, cinnamon and an egg to the potatoes, then added 1.5 cups of whole wheat flour. Next, I separated the dough into four chunks, rolled each chunk out into a skinny snake shape, then cut them into little nubs. Finally I threw them into a pot of boiling water, then threw them into an ice bath, THEN threw them into a pan full of butter and rosemary.

Sounds smooth, right?

Well, I actually spilled a good chunk of the gnocchi onto our animal hair covered kitchen floor, so those went into the trash. Then the second batch of gnocchi started sticking to the pan, so I added even MORE butter (butter makes the world go ’round), along with more rosemary and salt. In the mean time, I hastily brought about 1 cup of water to a boil in another pot, then threw in a bag of pre-chopped turnip greens, along with a guzzle of chicken broth, some salt, pepper and garlic. Except when I say “some” salt, I mean a huge waterfall of kosher salt because I apparently felt like tipping half of the box into the pot. The turnip greens were actually the best part of the meal, in my opinion. I just topped them with a few dots of sirrachi and went to town! If only I had some black eyed peas…

Why is New Year’s so far away?

Anyways, the couscous was alright, but I’m pretty sure I overcooked it. I bought Israeli couscous this time to see if Shelley would like that texture better (she did, yay!), but it was so gooey and starchy…not at all like the couscous I know and love. It was more like…gooey rice.

Oh well. Now I know I’m not crazy for gnocchi and that Israeli couscous requires constant supervision.

And I didn’t take any pictures. Sorry!

Foodbuzz made up for my sorry dinner, though – I received TWO packages from them this past week! First I received a fat package full of illy issimo iced coffee – caffe, cappuccino, and latte macchiatto. I have only tried the caffe, but so far these iced coffee drinks get a big thumbs up from me! The caffe was strong, but not bitter and had a hint of sweetness – usually I douse my coffee in milk and sugar, so if I liked this coffee drink, so can you! Kayla really liked the caffe flavor, too.

Foodbuzz also sent me TWELVE coupons for free Fresh Express salad bags! WAHOO!! Now I need to come up with a cool salad to post on here using Fresh Express….something fall-ish…

And speaking of fall, I went to an apple festival yesterday, and a pumpkin patch! It was really hot, but it was so much fun to do something so fall-ish! The apple festival had some cool craft stuff, but honestly, it was all about the free samples and food booths for me. I am a HUGE sucker for homemade jams, jellies, relishes, and salsas. There was also homemade fudge. Mmm…

I had some AWESOME sweet potato souffle spread, as well as some tasty apple salsa. I stuck with “boring” apple butter – I couldn’t pass it up! Lunch was pretty sub par. I got super excited when I saw a Louisiana food booth with JAMBALAYA (favorite dish EVER), but it was really disappointing. It was only a few fatty pork pieces and some boring (but fluffy) rice. Booo.

Lunch was semi redeemed by a delicious caramel apple, though.

Other highlights from the weekend include: 1.5 delicious hamburgers on Saturday, along with a very surprising win by UGA against Tennessee. The game was super hot, but I enjoyed it for the most part, probably because I haven’t been to any so far this year.


I’m not the biggest football fan ever. It always disappoints my grandmother when I answer “Uhh…nope” to her question “Did you watch the game yesterday?” The response is always the same: “….Ohhh, Sara…”

And in Food Lab (Eggs and Egg Cookery) I had Creme Brulee for the first time. My life was forever changed. I also had a delicious jelly roll, chocolate souffle, angel food cake and powdered egg. That last one was gross.


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