My Food Principles class has turned me into such a nerd. I’m pretty sure I’ve made this statement before, but tonight really sealed the deal.

Woohoo, story time!

Okay, so Kayla was making cookies and mentioned that she didn’t use one recipe because it called for cream of tartar. After making a beeline for the spice tupperware in the pantry and pulling out the cream of tartar, I asked Kayla if the recipe called for baking soda or baking powder. Answer = baking soda. I immediately started spouting off that it made sense for said recipe to use cream of tartar since baking soda needs an acid to create CO2 to leaven the cookies. Baking powder already has the acid incorporated.

Is leaven a word?

Anyways, I felt really excited about knowing the complex baking science behind cream of tartar (please, go ahead and snort in disbelief).

Kayla proceeded to use Country Crock whipped butter spread as the fat source for the cookies. After mixing the flour with the creamed butter and sugar, we were all a little confused as to why the batter was so soupy…the directions said to roll the cookies into balls before baking, after all. Then I remembered that whipped spread has a higher water content than stick butter, and that melting it before creaming probably made it even more watery. Before I could stop myself, I started explaining this to Kayla and Shelley, again, feeling excited for knowing the answer to the, uh, “cookie batter mystery,” but at the same time feeling a very nerdy and a little annoying.

I mean really, it has to be annoying to listen to me word vomit about the main protein in milk, etc.

Shelley then asked what cream of tartar was for, “in English, please.” In true Hermoine Granger fashion (see, nerdy! that was seriously the first reference that popped into my head), I recited that cream of tartar was used as an acidic partner to baking soda, and was also used in meringues, etc. since it increases the whipping ability of egg whites.

Again, I lamely felt super excited about knowing all of this.

Seriously, I try to hold it in, it being the dire urge to word vomit everything I’ve learned in Food Principles, stream of conscious style. Most of the time I let if fly anyways. It’s like a mini ego boost to my intelligence.

So, along with being an expert on Harry Potter and Disney/PIXAR, watching Spongebob, and studying for tests at least one week ahead of time, I can now add food science to my list of nerd-isms.

What makes you nerdy?

Also, who has seen the Willow Smith video? That is one FIERCE nine year old!!


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  1. Hahaha, you are awesome!I was at dinner the other night and someone said something about nutrition and before I could stop myself I started sprouting off facts and figures before they told me to "Just stop."Nerds unite!

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