I feel I should let everyone know that my posts are going to be kind of…sporadic for the next month. November = exam time crunch in college world, and while my two exams aren’t going to be bad (hellooo lifespan nutrition and food principles), I have two massive English projects due over the next month. They’re pushing my brain and creativity to the limit! AHHH!

Anyways, more than a few weeks ago I found myself without concrete plans for an away football game. This year, I have (not) been trying to show more school spirit, so I decided to call up the work folk to see if they wanted to go out to eat, perhaps in a place with a TV so we could pretend to watch the game.

If my grandmother was reading this, she would probably shake her head and say, “Ohhh, Say-ra.” In my defense, I did watch the GA/FLA game, and I did show emotion in favor of UGA a few times.

Anyways, we (by we I mean I – I’m always in charge of picking out the restaurant. It’s a heavy burden) decided on Pauley’s Crepes. I’ve never had a crepe, except in food lab, and it was cold and soggy. Bleh! I was excited for Pauly’s, though. All I kept picturing was a beautimous crepe full of Nutella and strawberries.

So when we got to Pauley’s, we were kind of surprised to see E! News and a baseball game on TV instead of the GA game. Oh well. I spent some of the evening defending the scholastic value of my food principles class and lab (Adam said it sounded like a bullsh*t class, but then he admitted that he only said that because he was jealous…mwahahaha!), while the other half was spent eating delicious crepes! With Thanksgiving in mind, I ordered a crepe with turkey, lettuce, cheese, tomato and cranberry sauce. It sounds gross, I’m sure, but it was AWESOME. And the crepes are ginormous!

The turkey was thick and meaty, the crepe was slightly eggy and thick, and the cranberry sauce was the perfect touch. And look at the presentation! And Pauley’s has so many varieties, too! It’s kind of like Graze (the burger place) – you can go back over and over again and never have the same thing twice! Adam got the Asian chicken crepe, while Kathy got a vegetarian crepe. Both were excellent. We decided we had to get a dessert crepe, and after some deliberation, we decided on the classic Nutella and strawberry crepe.

A beautiful sight, no?

Clearly we hated it. We hated it so much that we wiped up the remaining chocolate sauce with our fingers. Obnoxious.

So yeah, Pauley’s was a great success and I had a great time (not) watching the game. GO UGA!

But really, I was bummed when UGA lost to FLA.

Anyways, you all know that Athens recently got a Trader Joe’s, and that I was slightly disappointed by it. Well, I decided to try grocery shopping there as a fun experiment. My appreciation for Trader Joe’s has grown loads – they have excellent produce at reasonable prices and they have certain items (cough, sea salt almond butter and pumpkin butter, cough) that most grocery stores don’t have. I also have to give them props for their PB filled pretzels and for their Vanilla Almond Cluster cereal.

It’s like their version of Honey Bunches of Oats (or whatever it’s called) and the clusters are HUGE! Last year, when Shelley, Kayla and I split groceries, I would always pick the clusters out of Kayla’s Honey Bunches of Oats. I couldn’t help myself! While clusters of any size are rare in HBoO, huge clusters are abundant in TJ’s version. In fact, the cluster/corn flake ratio is insanely in favor of the clusters…look at the size of them!!

So yeah, go buy this if you’re a clusters fan!


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  1. I about spewed my drink when I read "Say-ra"… Shawn and I have been trying to figure out how to spell the way she pronounces Austin…I think she sticks with "Scoob" for him because it is just easier :). Lara seems the only name she hasn't altered much…though she is heavy on the r in her name too…totally cracks me up…

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