Once upon a time, I lived in a freshman dorm at UGA. Called Boggs.

Yes, Boggs.

And it was one of the best experiences of my life. I mean, I’d never live there again (the shower heads came up to my shoulder and I don’t really like sliding off a bed every morning), but I made some AMAZING friends that year. Thank goodness for the Olympics, though, or I probably never would have met many of them. And Facebook. Facebook worked wonders that summer before Boggs.

Anyways, I was friendly with most everyone in the dorm, but I had a group of solid friends that I ate dinner with most nights of the week. Although I still get to dine with Shelley and Kayla every night, I (actually all three of us) missed our group dinners…so we decided to have a dinner party!

It was a blast! And everyone made delicious food! I made kale, except I made it WAY too early, so it turned pretty ugly by the time Chelsea, Kerry and Emma arrived. I was embarrassed. I suffer from cooking anxiety sometimes.

Kayla made some great turkey burgers based off of an Emeril recipe. Kayla is awesome at just whipping delicious dinners off the top of her head…I’m kind of jealous.

Kerry made SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE! My heart sang as I ate it’s caramelized brown sugar topping goodness.

And unpictured were Shelley’s garlic cheese biscuits and Chelsea’s risotto. Yum! After we ate, we had fun with Kerry’s fancy Nikon. Here’s the most presentable looking of the bunch:

And here is a picture that explains my relationship with sweet potato casserole:

So good.

And while I’m on the topic of nostalgia, have any of you seen the new Winnie the Pooh trailer? I was a fan when I was a kid, but I HATED the sequels they made when I was in middle school and high school. They seemed so uninspired.

But this new Pooh movie looks so good. Seriously, my eyes started watering while watching the trailer – the combo of nostalgia and Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” made me emotional.

This new Pooh movie seems full of heart, which I attribute to John Lasseter’s involvement. That man is a GENIUS!

And one final note for today.

Harry Potter. Three days. OMG! I am going to cry. It’s the beginning of the end of a huge chapter of my life. That sounds melodramatic, but I’m being serious.

“Hagrid,” he said quietly, “I think you must have made a mistake. I don’t think I can be a wizard.” – Harry, HP1


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  1. Awwww, I love that you posted the Pooh trailer. And I totally get you on the Harry Potter sadness. I can't believe it's almost done! Thank goodness we have part 2 of the movie left…

  2. Oh man, how great does that Pooh trailer look! I love the song use in the trailer :)So, last week, my boyfriend and I went to the movies and there was a trailer for HP7 before our movie and I literally starting weeping in the movie theater. I go so upset and started babbling about how it was almost over and I didn't know what I was going to do anymore!Then my boyfriend and I decided that when we have kids, we are going to stage a systematic release of the books and movies (maybe 1 a year) so that my children will never have to live in a world where they can't be excited for the "new" Harry Potter book or movie.I'm still sad though :(Are you going at midnight!?

  3. Jenny – I know! I'm glad there's one more part left, too. I also haven't been to HP World, so I'm not considering that phase over until I make a pilgrimage there.Camille – I'll totally be crying during the first part of the movie, and not just b/c Hedwig dies. And I've decided that HP will be what I read to my kids before bed. AND yes, I am TOTALLY going at midnight!! Are you?

  4. I love dinner parties! And those Turkey Burgers look amazing :). Want to hear something sad? I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies or read the books. I attempted to read them once, but never could get into them. Maybe I should try again? I hear they are fabulous!

  5. I lived on a street called Cherry Street (it's infamous if you go to ILlinois State) and we had a group of about 15 people we always hung out with. One year we had "Cherry Street Thanksgiving" where we made a Thanksgiving feast. Another year we had "Cherry Street Christmas" with a crazy party!

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