And just like that, Christmas was over. Five days ago. All of the decorations are boxed up for another year (sadness), our tree has been dismantled and thrown into the compost pile (after standing alone in a de-decorated living room for two days), and the only Christmas leftovers that remain are a few dried out […]

I have baked four different kinds of cookies, one batch of BBQ meatballs, a pot of homemade mashed potatoes, and TWO CANS of baked beans in the past 24 hours. Excluding the cans of baked beans, that’s a lot of cooking/baking. It’s also been really fun (aside from the minor pout fest I threw last […]

AHHH Christmas is SO close!! Like, four and a half days away close!! My mom teases me a lot for feeling this way, but I always start to get just a tiny bit sad when it gets close to Christmas because that means it’s almost over! I love this season and I hate to see […]

Well lookie here! I’ve emerged from my hermit hole only two days after my last post! I’ve done more cooking, reading (helloooo Harry Potter!), and baking over the past two days than I have since Thanksgiving! It’s glooooorious! Just like this video… I love this song and I love A Goofy Movie. Anyways, I already […]

Woah. Where have I been these past TWO weeks?! I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting in the (almost) year (!!!) I’ve been blogging! Mostly I’ve been studying/writing my butt off for finals. While it was nice to relax and do nothing but eat over Thanksgiving for a change, it kind of […]