Woah. Where have I been these past TWO weeks?! I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting in the (almost) year (!!!) I’ve been blogging!

Mostly I’ve been studying/writing my butt off for finals. While it was nice to relax and do nothing but eat over Thanksgiving for a change, it kind of kicked me in the rear when I got back to school with a mountain of papers to write and food-type things to study. For once, though, I enjoyed the stuff I was studying. I mean, studying is icky overall, but I kind of liked studying cow and pork wholesale/retail cuts. I also liked telling people that I was studying cow/pork cuts – I think it made them jealous. Adam and Chris said that Food Principles was going to make me a great homemaker one day.
Whatever. I can (theoretically) tell you where a cut of meat came from just by looking at the bone.
Speaking of Adam and Chris, we ventured out to Keba for another episode in our Athens-eats saga. Keba is an upscale fast-food type restaurant that serves kebaps, the Turkish version of a Greek gyro. I’m not sure what makes it Turkish, but it was pretty tasty all the same! You can either get a wrap or European bread (get the European bread!) and then you pick your meat filling. Behind the counter you can see a HUGE loin (possibly – I couldn’t see the bone to tell you for sure what cut of meat it was) roasting on a turn pole. I’m assuming they use one of those long knives to shave off thin, flavorful slices of meat. Then you pick your toppings (typical vegetables) and then you pick your sauce. They have a wide variety of flavors – roasted red pepper, chipotle, curry, black olive, etc. I’m almost 95% positive that they are just mayo blended with whatever seasoning, but hey, whatever works!
I decided on European bread with beef, all the vegetables and black olive sauce. Excellent, excellent choice. I currently have a love affair going on with black olives, so that sauce really hit the spot. I also ordered a side of fries with the curry sauce. It tasted curry-ish, but let it be known that curry doesn’t really go with fries. Adam’s roasted red pepper sauce tasted nice with the fries, but personally, I’m kind of a ketchup girl when it comes to fries. I wasn’t too impressed with Keba’s fries, though. They were too potato-y and didn’t have enough salt. I’d rather have a brown bag of Five Guys Fries or some McDonald’s fries…YUM!

Overall, Keba is nice, but it’s definitely the definition of man food. The sandwiches are really tasty, but other than the finely shaved meat, there’s nothing obnoxiously special about the food.
Also on my posting agenda? CHRISTMAS!!
I LOVE this time of year. Unfortunately I feel like I’ve missed the first half of it due to school and stress, but I plan on taking in every bit of Christmas over the next two weeks! My house has been decorated for two weeks already and we put our tree up the weekend before last. I love all of the glowing lights and Christmas decor!!

I love our tree. Usually I make it into a competition to see who can pick the best tree first…although I have excellent tree picking skills (even when they’re tied up), my dad still won. Oh well.

I love my Mickey and Spongebob ornaments.

I made this in the fourth grade. Everyone thinks it’s ugly but me.

Hope is so stinkin’ cute. She meows too much, though.

My grandma gives Lara, my cousin and me chocolate advent calenders every Christmas. Lara and I race to see who can find the day’s number first. Lara usually wins.

Quite possibly my favorite Christmas decoration.

Sorry about the lack of recipes in this post. I haven’t had time to make anything blog-worthy lately, but Kayla did make a delicious butternut squash soup! Perfect for these cold Georgia days….

In all fairness, today was 14 degrees with a windchill factor of 6 degrees or something obnoxious like that.


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  1. Your decorations are super cute! Winter has kicked into full speed here in KY. With a winter storm and frigid temperatures, it sure is feeling like Christmas! Glad to see you back to blogging 🙂

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