I have baked four different kinds of cookies, one batch of BBQ meatballs, a pot of homemade mashed potatoes, and TWO CANS of baked beans in the past 24 hours. Excluding the cans of baked beans, that’s a lot of cooking/baking. It’s also been really fun (aside from the minor pout fest I threw last night after I deemed my snickerdoodles unworthy). Can you believe how far I’ve come in the YEAR that I’ve been writing My Fancy Tuna??

Yes, you heard me. A year. I have been blogging for a year. A YEAR!!! I NEVER expected to last this long at blogging. I guess it’s because I really like food and I really like writing about it (I HATE writing about pretty much anything else for extended periods of time).

I figured for My Fancy Tuna’s 1st birthday, I’d list 15 super things that have happened since I started food blogging. And no, not all of them are food related.

1. I finally accepted the fact that journalism wasn’t my passion, and changed my major to Dietetics.
2. I took Art History. This is notable because it was REALLY interesting and completely new to me – I felt slightly cultured after I finished that class.
3. I saw Muse live! It was completely awesome!
4. Travis Willingham came to AWA and it was awesome! Well, his screaming fan girls were annoying, but it was cool to see him in person.
5. I started reading KERF, ELR, CNC, PW, and TONS of other great food/healthy living blogs…and I’ve watched them all grow, too!
6. DISNEY WORLD!!! It was definitely the best vacation I’ve ever been on, even though it was my second time there!
7. Food Principles – an entire class devoted to how cooking and baking work, and an AWESOME lab full of cooking/baking and tasting!!
8. I read a lot of great books this yea – Her Fearful Symmetry, Water for Elephants, Harry Potter (for the billionth time…)
9. Went to the huge apple festival in Elijay with fun friends.
10. Experienced Trader Joe’s and tried their divine peanut butter filled pretzels.
11. Saw Stars live – equally, if not more awesome, than Muse.
12. Received my own Kitchen Aid stand up mixer from my aunt, uncle and cousin! Thanks a million!!
13. Explored foodie Athens with three great friends from work – I really enjoy working at the library because of them!
14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 – ’nuff said.
15. Had another spankin’ year at the apartment with Kayla, Shelley and Alexi!

So there ya have it. 15 awesome things from this year! And thanks to all of you who have read this weird, sometimes corny blog of mine. I can’t promise anything crazy like more frequent posts (I’m taking three chemistry classes over year 2 of My Fancy Tuna, after all), but I can promise my internet presence for another year!


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  1. have enjoyed every entry…and I have read every one of them…happy anniversary…So happy that the stand up mixer has a spot in 2010's history book…great things are in store for you…and you are going to rock those Chemistry classes…maybe you and AJB can work out a deal…he will help you with Chemistry if you will write his papers :)…love and hugs

  2. yay for switching into dietetics πŸ™‚ woot woot! (thats currently my major haha)ohh that Food Principles class sounds like tons of fun! I think I take that next year or my junior year!

  3. ps. isnt it amazing when u can look at what uve accomplished, all the good and bad.. more focusing on the good..and see it all infront of you- its so inspiring!! xoxo

  4. What kind of cookies did you bake?? I'm looking for ideas for my NY Eve party… I'm in charge of desserts!Oh, and I'm doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

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