Today Lara had plans to invite some friends over for her birthday (which was January 1st – kinda cool, right?), so I decided to teach myself some Chemistry basics from Chemistry Essentials for Dummies and a Cliffnotes Chemistry workbook. It’s been a blast! I forgot how much I love Chemistry!


I suffered from a brief, internal combustion in my brain, then set to work on relearning significant figures and metric conversions. It may sound dorky and stupid to subject myself to the horrors of Chemistry before class starts next Monday, but essentially I have never taken Chemistry. In high school, my teacher was about to retire, so we watched videos once or twice a week during which he, along with half of the class (including myself…) fell asleep. When we weren’t watching videos, I depended on Shelley and Catie to teach me everything, which was great at the time, but now…not so much. So yeah, it’s partially my fault for not having much of a Chemistry background, but regardless, I DO NOT want to walk into class and be completely lost on the bare basic (which we’re probably expected to have down pat), so I’m reviewing a little early. And reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (which is SO good, but I always have trouble keeping all of the Swedish last names straight). And updating this blog. And making EXCELLENT sweet potato chips with my super new Food Network Cheftoku knife and trying prosciutto for the first time (a revelation! I made a quesadilla with pear slices, provolone cheese, prosciutto, and a drizzle of honey) and updating My Fancy Tuna.

Lots of distractions, but I still feel moderately productive.

Anyways, I don’t have any new recipes to post since we still have New Year’s recipes out the whazoo. We also have a few leftovers of recipe duds that I made last week – Red Beans and Rice from a Southern Living cookbook and Chicken Tetrazzini from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t get pasta. Aside from ravioli, I just don’t crave pasta. Ever. I mean, spaghetti and lasagna are awesome, but it all seems to taste the same. I’m probably speaking Italian blasphemy, but whatever. I followed the tetrazzini recipe to a T (except for my addition of frozen peas for a pop of green), but it was still blah. My dad and I ended up dowsing it in roasted red pepper vinaigrette. I know Camille shares my lack of enthusiasm for pasta…does anyone else? Or do you have any tips to jazz up the typical Italian flavors?

However, I do have an Atlanta restaurant review – Mary Mac’s! My aunt called it “an institution” and said that I needed to go there at least once during my life, which is why we ate there after exploring Georgia State’s campus last week (Lara is considering it for college – eek!).

Mary Mac’s definitely upholds Southern tradition through its food and decor. The cornbread muffins were excellent, as were the collards (although I think I like Five Star Day’s better). My entree, Salmon Croquettes, were the star of my meal. They were HUGE, perfectly crispy on the outside and tender inside. Some salmon croquettes/patties (I think croquettes sounds nicer than patties, which is what my mom calls them) are really oily tasting, but these tasted really fresh, which was in part due to the minced red peppers. The croquettes came with amazing tartar sauce as well – briny and smooth. I would choose Five Star Day over Mary Mac’s any day (I love the blend of comfort food and “hippie” food, as well as the Athens atmosphere), but it was definitely a delicious meal!

And now I must continue on in my quest to learn the basics of Chemistry. Or read about Lisbeth Salander. Either way, wish me luck!


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