Hello, all! Let me give you a recap of my life since the last time I posted…

1. Chemistry
2. Math
3. Using a tilt skillet and an industrial convection oven to make enough Tortilla Egg Casserole for 25+ people
4. My first lab in the dining hall – props to food service workers, seriously. I made 4 loaves worth of french toast, a billion pounds of beef for beef fajitas, operated fryers (not scary), half way cleaned a griddle (scary), and sauteed veggies. From 7 to 10 in the morning.
5. I broke my toe….by stubbing it on on the edge of an arm chair. Cool.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any fun food things to talk about – this semester is probably going to end up being a pseudo hiatus for me. I’ll check back in when I can, but until the summer is here, I don’t think I’m going to be great at doing weekly posts.


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