Sunflower Butter – have you tried it? If not, get your booty to Trader Joe’s or some other fancy schmancy grocery store (I actually think Kroger has it in their “natural” section) and get some for yourself! It tastes like sunflower seeds, but not at all raw tasting like I thought it would. It’s sweet, […]

Hello, all! I just wanted to direct ya’ll over to Clean Eating Chelsey’s blog – around 6 PM Central Time there will be a guest post by yours truly!

Going away to college is a funny thing. A lot of times I’ll come home and notice small changes like a new kitchen decoration, leftovers of a new dinner that I’ve never tried, an entirely new back porch….but none of these changes bother me. I like new kitchen decor, I don’t discriminate when it comes […]

Psssst. It’s spring break! That means no school, which means that I have ample time to do all of my spring break homework (there is no rest for the weary when it comes to Chemistry) AND write a few blog posts! I also seem to be the only person from UGA not going somewhere cool […]