Hello, all! I just wanted to direct ya’ll over to Clean Eating Chelsey’s blog – around 6 PM Central Time there will be a guest post by yours truly!


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  1. Hi, Sara! I was so excited when I saw your post on Chelsey's blog because you are a Bulldog!!! I graduated from UGA in 2006. 🙂 So excited to have found your blog. Your restaurant review page took me back in time to my undergrad days! Look forward to reading more!

  2. Hi sweet one…loved your guest post…I am so happy that you have found your way. You deserve it. You may not ACE the Chemistry, but you will be an ACE as an RD…so proud of you…love and hugs

  3. I found you just now through Chelsey's blog hahaJust want to say that I loved your post and am loving reading your blog right now!

  4. Hi Sara! Wanted to let you know that I loved your guest post. Good for you for taking a step back and knowing what you want, then plowing ahead with your goals. Plus, the only chemistry you REALLY need is between you and your passions 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed reading your post on Chelsey's blog. I'm currently looking at colleges and trying to decide what I want to major in (I like to plan ahead :D). I can definitely relate to your story because I, too, am struggling with whether or not I should major in dietetics. I feel like I have the mind of a business woman, but the passions of an RD student. Your story really inspired me to keep following my dreams. I hope there's some way I can combine my loves! Have a lovely day! xox

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