Howdy! Sorry for being MIA….I had 2 tests and 2 lab reports last week, so I basically went stress crazy. Good times, right?


At least the week is over, though, and the end of the semester is near! Unfortunately I have to get through 4 finals first, but whatever. Although the majority of last week stunk, I had a blast during my Quantity Foods lab practical where we came up with a theme and menu for an event with 30+ invitees! We chose Halloween in April (a la Christmas in December), complete with Scrambled Brains, Sausage Fingers and Toes, Eye Ball Salad, Ghost Toast, Hags Hash and cake pops! Since they were so easy to make, I wholeheartedly recommended that we make them as goody-bag treats for our guests. I also made 35 servings of French toast the morning of the event and helped make mini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins! The room looked great, the food tasted amazing and my group really came together as a team, which is always rewarding. So cheers to reliable group members!

I don’t have any food pictures for this post (I didn’t cook this week due to the excessive amount of studying I had to do….), so instead I’ll leave you with 7 random facts about myself since I was tagged with the Versatile Blogger award by Hannah! I don’t think I’ll tag anyone else since most people that comment on my blog have already done it, but just know that I think ya’ll are amazing!

1. I’ve had 3 severe celebrity obsessions/crushes over the course of my almost 21 years of existence: Leonardo DiCaprio in 2nd grade, Orlando Bloom in 8th grade and Rob Pattinson during my freshman year of college. I know creepy random facts that I probably shouldn’t know about all of these people – did you know that Orlando Bloom’s first car was a VW Golf? Creepy, right?

2. I’m extremely inflexible – I can’t touch my toes or fully bend over. I also can’t do a cartwheel. It’s sad.

3. My mom and I used to have to stretch out my jeans after she washed them by playing tug-of-war just so they would be long enough for me. Thank goodness stores make longer jeans now.

4. I hate scary movies, mostly just the ones with dead children or creepy, vengeful ghosts. I can handle the stuff that can actually happen (go figure), but I am TERRIFIED of movies like The Grudge or The Ring. Demonic horror scares me too, like that freaky Emily Rose movie. *shudder*

5. I am currently obsessed with internet memes. Some are kind of stupid, but ones like hipster Disney, 60’s Spiderman, and Me Gusta crack me up!

6. Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley is one of my all time favorite movies. Yes, I’ve seen the one with Colin Firth, but I like Joe Wright’s version WAY better. Lara and I have half of the lines memorized.

7. I tripped up the stairs in 11th grade and fell on my nose. I don’t know if I broke it or not, but I had two black eyes and my Pre-Cal teacher reported me to the nurse for possible domestic abuse.

Before I go, I highly recommend that all of you go watch Tangled (I dare you not to become extremely infatuated with Zachary Levi as Flynn) and then go listen to the new Decemberists CD. It’s awesome and reminds me of transcendental poetry…you know, Walt Whitman? It has that wide open American wilderness feel to it (as opposed to their previous CD which was kind of Romantic sounding back on it…I miss literature classes now). But yeah, go do that. I’m off to read The Hunger Games – gotta get ahead of the game before the movie comes out!


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  1. Hahaha I definitely agree with you on the celebrity crushes! Leonardo Dicaprio was my first "love!" I even had a poster in my room that I used to kiss…wow I just admitted that :DAnd even though Orlando Bloom is kind of a wimp in Troy, I think he was the most attractive in that movie

  2. Oh man, I am crazy inflexible. I've been working on that this year! I'm hoping to be able to do the splits at some point… doubtful, though, haha!I am so not a fan of scary movies either! And I know what you mean about being grateful for longer jeans. My little sister is 5'11 and she used to have the worst time trying to find jeans that were long enough. It really is so great that they finally make longer jeans now!I love love love Pride and Prejudice! I am partial to the BBC version (with Colin Firth), but I love the new one with Keira as well. Such a great movie! :)And finally, I can't wait to see Tangled!! It looks so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness. I LOVE P&P. I like the BBC one but I actually like the newer one better. πŸ˜› Mainly because the music IS SO GOOD. Favorite part of that movie- when Darcy comes walking in the field in time to the music swelling. Makes me swoon every. single. time. :)YOU WILL LOVE TANGLED! So cute!

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