The past couple of weeks have been full of many firsts for me.  I wore a dress to school for the first time (thank you, job).  I bought grass fed ground beef for the first time (I made it into meatloaf).  I put on my big girl pants and took responsibility for my car’s maintenance […]

You know how some people can go into a clothing store and see the fashion potential in a completely weird looking shirt?  I’m not one of those people.  I do, however, fancy myself as the kind of cook who can see how odd ingredients will come together to make a delicious dish.  I don’t think […]

I was a freshman at UGA during the last Summer Olympics.  I remember feeling excited, nervous, and free.  I was living on my own, albeit with 4 floors of other 18-19 year old freshmen.  I had the world at my feet.  And I thought Ryan Lochte was the hunkiest dude on the face of the […]