Today, instead of talking food, I’m going to talk about life.  Nothing deep or anything, but I think the last time I blogged about school and whatnot I was about to take Organic Chemistry, which was SO last fall.

Biochemistry is the new Organic Chemistry. Except at times I actually find Biochemistry interesting and directly relevant to Dietetics.  In the time I wasn’t blogging, I took Anatomy I and II and I loved learning about how the body worked.  I loved learning about hormones and enzymes and how macronutrients broke down, and so far, I see a lot of that in Biochemistry (hence, BIOchemistry).  Unfortunately, there is also the bioCHEMISTRY part, which means a lot of old equations from Chemistry II are reappearing.  None of that would matter, though, if I had a teacher like my Anatomy professor who drew out all all of his notes, complete with diagrams and charts.  Instead, my Biochemistry professor is an old (OLD), grumpy man who drones through 3 tot 4 pages of notes every day.

Let me put it this way.  He made one powerpoint for his entire half of the semester.  300 slides.  And he stops for no one, which means people take pictures of his slides because no one can keep up with him.  I already have more notes for this class than I do for classes at the end of a semester.

But, if there’s anything I’ve learned in my old, jaded, undergraduate age, it’s that the curve is a powerful thing.  I’ve made it through other hard classes, so I can make it through Biochemistry, too!

Last year the two themes of my food classes were management and education.  Two management classes (necessary, but boring) and two community education-type classes.  And obviously some other classes, too. Oh yeah, and a practicum at St. Mary’s Hospital.  So yeah, I ended up really enjoying the education classes, which was surprising to me, because I always pictured myself doing clinical dietetics.  Well, after working at St. Mary’s this summer, I realized that I really wouldn’t want to work in a hospital environment.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my time at St. Mary’s because of my preceptor and the women she worked with, but I didn’t like the limited amount of time health care professionals got with patients.  It made it hard to effectively teach them anything.  The dietitian was never able to really get down and dirty with any patients about their diet, which is exactly what I want to do.  I want to teach people how to change their shopping and cooking habits to be more conducive to their health goals.  I love tinkering with recipes to make them healthier, and I would love the challenge of making recipes diabetic-friendly, or gluten-friendly, etc.  This epiphany led me to the decision that graduate school is the best option for me next year.  So, one of my big tasks currently is to find a professor that would want me to help with their research over the next two years.  I feel like I’m campaigning myself with the number of people I’ve talked to, but hey, whatever gets me into UGA’s grad school!

But back to my other classes.  I am also taking two classes for my Consumer Foods major: Cultural Foods and Nature of Foods. They are hands down my two favorite classes this semester, and even though they are for my Consumer Foods major, I think they tie in nicely to the Dietetics major, especially since I want to the education route.  Cultural Foods is obviously about people of different cultures eat, but Nature of Foods is sort of a follow up to that wonderful Food Principles class I took a couple of years ago.  We are learning about different cooking methods, sensory analysis, and how to alter recipes.

Another class I am taking is Micronutrients.  It goes over vitamins and minerals, and how they are used in the body.  It is also possibly the hardest dietetics class I’ve ever taken.

And finally, I am also taking Medical Nutrition Therapy I.  Even though I don’t really want to go down the clinical dietetics route, I am still excited to have that knowledge at my disposal.  A lot of what we will cover this semester has to do with gastrointestinal diseases, which will be cool.  This class really ties everything that I’ve learned so far together, including the non-dietetics science classes.

A couple of other things that are new this year include my job as the foodservice dietitian’s assistant, and my role as president of my college’s (Family and Consumer Sciences) honor society.  It’s weird being the president of something, but I’ve learned that I’m good at organizing and supervising (much like my dad), so I’m kind of excited to hone in on those skills.

I’m going to stop here for now.  I apologize for the lack of pictures and the multitude of text, but I enjoy sharing my school life, especially since my family reads this.  Have a good Labor Day weekend!


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