panzella with tomatoes, feta, and sardines
source: the kitchn (
serves 6 – 8 (easily modified to serve 1)

today i used my last tomato in another mediterranean-inspired bread salad.  i suppose this could be considered too similar to the panzella i made on monday, but i found this salad to be more simple which allowed the flavors of the tomatoes, marinated bread, and sardines to really shine. sardines actually were not included on the actual recipe for this salad, only in the recipe picture, but i couldn’t help but think about how nicely sardines would look and taste on top of this particular salad. and let’s not forget, sardines are full of healthy fats and vitamin d (don’t pick out the bones! you really can’t tell they’re there, and that’s where all of the vitamin d is!), along with other vitamins and minerals like selenium and b12.


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