Baked Okra.


baking vegetables is the easiest way to convert vegetable haters into vegetable lovers. i’m sure many of you have tried baked cauliflower, potatoes, kale, okra, etc., but humor me and listen to me beat a dead horse.  baking vegetables makes any vegetable taste divine, especially okra, which i eat like french fries (ie, with loads of ketchup).  i’ve been doing this for years, however i feel like my friends and family are just now starting to catch on (told you so!).  while fresh vegetables come out slightly more crispy, you can use frozen vegetables, too.  just toss your vegetable of choice in a bit of oil and spices, then bake at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes, depending on the vegetable you’re baking.  be sure to spread the vegetables out; crowding them will just end up steaming the vegetables, which will keep them from getting crispy.


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