New York.








some of my new york eats.

1. margherita pizza from pronto’s
2. lamb kofta burger and fries from 5 napkin burger
3. maple bacon cookie
4. lobster roll (my first! a dream came true that day) from the lobster place in chelsea market
5. peanut butter and jelly chocolate from chelsea market
6. chocolate fudge brownie ice cream from chinatown ice cream factory
7. corned beef and cabbage with a boiled potato from mulligan’s

when i go on vacation, nutrition tends to take the back seat, and i think that’s okay.  vacation is a time to try new foods and flavors, and really let your cravings be your guide.  if you’re craving a slice of margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella over pepperoni pizza, then go for it and the same goes for a craving for a fat burger and fries.


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