The Week of Tomatoes, Part 1.


this weekend, i picked up six tomatoes from a produce stand.  i had the first one in a simple tomato sandwich.  just slicing the tomato and seeing the vibrant red color inside instantly reminded me why tomatoes from grocery stores are so subpar to fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes.  grocery store tomatoes are often picked before they’re ripe, which mutes their color and flavor.  fresh tomatoes are incredibly juicy, more sweet than acidic, and tender.  do yourself a favor this summer and head to a farmer’s market or stop by that produce stand on the side of the road you pass on the way home and pick up some tomatoes.  i’ve planned my menu for the week around my tomatoes, and i plan on posting everything i make with them, hence the week of tomatoes.


tomato sandwich
serves 1

grab two slices of your favorite bread, some good mayonnaise (i like hellman’s olive oil mayo – it has less fat and calories than regular mayo and more mono and polyunsaturated fat), and a ripe, fresh tomato.  spread a generous layer of mayonnaise on both pieces of bread, then season with salt and pepper (very important!!).  slice the tomato thinly, about half a centimeter thick) and lay three slices on one of the bread slices.  sprinkle more pepper on the tomato slices, then top with the other piece of bread.  the tomato juice and mayonnaise will mix in the middle, so save that part as your last bite!



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