scenes from a (prep) sunday.

this past semester was crazy hectic. i was taking 16 hours of class credits (and research credit only made up 1 hour of those 16), which is nuts in grad school, AND i was a TA for 3 classes. that meant i was on campus for 10-12 hours every day (maybe i’m being dramatic, but one time i left after 8:00 on a Friday) and had tons of homework, studying, or grading to do each night. needless to say, i did not feel like coming home and making single serving meals for myself every night. instead, i did what the very thing i scoffed at for so many years – i started cooking for the week on Sundays.

don’t get me wrong – cooking for the week on the weekend is a great way to stay on a grocery budget, save time during the week, and eat healthy, but i never liked to do it because i loved making something different for myself every night. i hated the idea of eating the same thing every night during the week. i used to plan different meals to eat every night, which was fun, but also expensive and time-consuming. i knew that wouldn’t be feasible during a semester like the one i had, so instead i picked something to make for lunch and dinner on Sundays. usually i spent anywhere from 1.5 – 3 hours (i know!) on Sundays prepping and cooking, but it saved me SO much time during the week. i grew to appreciate the fact that i had something waiting for me in the fridge when i got home after a long day, and i used the time on Sundays to relax and watch TV while i cooked.

i decided to continue this plan of action through my first internship rotation, which is an hour away from my apartment. i’m looking forward to using lots of fresh summer produce to make single serving meals again later in the summer, but for these four weeks it’s nice to come home after my internship and the gym and simply reheat something from the fridge and plan how i’m going to wind down for the evening (usually a good book).

this week i decided to make BBQ chickpeas and crispy polenta bowls with brussels sprouts (leftover from the bag i opened last week for the pizza) and ranch hummus bowls for lunch, courtesy of halfbaked harvest (LOVE this blog!!). for dinner, i made two different options: the first is garlic rosemary white beans on toast, courtesy of rachel, and italian baked eggs by damned delicious. here are some scenes from my (prep) sunday:










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