Ah, Thanksgiving. Such a glorious time! In the past, I didn’t really dig Thanksgiving. My young taste buds weren’t crazy about sweet potatoes, dressing, pecan/pumpkin pie, or cranberry anything. Thank goodness they’ve matured because Thanksgiving food is the bomb! And I love the family time! We spent a good portion of the meal discussing the […]

Sorry for the lack of updates….it’s the beginning of the month, which means studying for three tests. Thank goodness I only have to do another two weeks of psycho studying and then SUMMER!! First, apples. This is actually kind of a boring “experiment.” I’m kind of having a hard time differentiating between the different apples, […]

New Year, New Food

I didn’t mean to put off posting these recipes for so long, but I was just enjoying the last few days of break and didn’t feel like getting into such a long blog post. I’ve decided that a possible differentiating factor for my blog could be taking recipes and substituting expensive ingredients with more affordable […]