Epic Meal Time: Four Loko Chili – LOL! (Do not watch if you find meat consumption disgusting) I love this series of YouTube videos – the main guy is absolutely hilarious! I do not condone the consumption of the alcoholic chemical called Four Loko, but that video is pretty funny. All of their videos are, […]

Last week, The Pioneer Woman and her Tasty Kitchen gave me two wonderous recipes, one for dinner and one for a delicious fall-flavored shortbread bar. I also ODed on fudge and chocolate covered pretzels in the crystallization food lab and watched The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas with my sister, Lara. And on […]

It’s finally time. Time for a BIG, FAT Pure Bar review! First off, the people at Pure Bar were REALLY prompt about getting back to me about samples AND mailing them to me – I think it all happened over the course of two weeks! It was a pleasant surprise. Second, Pure Bars have GREAT […]