Just call me Bobby (Bobina?) Flay because I am now a GRILL MASTER! Well, not really, but I did the majority of Monday’s dinner on the grill pretty much on my own (my dad had to make sure I didn’t blow myself up…)! I decided on a BBQ theme, but I picked recipes that were […]

And just like that, Christmas was over. Five days ago. All of the decorations are boxed up for another year (sadness), our tree has been dismantled and thrown into the compost pile (after standing alone in a de-decorated living room for two days), and the only Christmas leftovers that remain are a few dried out […]


Three big things for this post. 1. I had my first, truly excellent steak dinner, which included my first experience with twice baked potatoes…but more on that later. 2. I am OFFICIALLY double majoring in Dietetics and Consumer Foods. I’ll be in college an extra year and I’ll also be slogging through three semesters of […]