Lately I’ve been reminiscing hardcore about our trip to Disney World last year – I’m DYING to go back! Yeah, I know…I’m 21 and out of all the places I’ve been to, Disney World is the one that sticks with me. I’m such a little kid. What can I say? I miss the food, the […]

I SURVIVED! Yes indeedy, I made it through this monster of a semester! It’s not quite over as I have yet to see my grades for half of my classes, but that’s beside the point…summer is here! Yeah, yeah, I have to take two classes in June and July, but hopefully they’ll be significantly less […]

Last week, The Pioneer Woman and her Tasty Kitchen gave me two wonderous recipes, one for dinner and one for a delicious fall-flavored shortbread bar. I also ODed on fudge and chocolate covered pretzels in the crystallization food lab and watched The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas with my sister, Lara. And on […]

Are there some foods that you really just don’t understand? Food that just tastes blah and you don’t know why it exists at all? For me (since I know you all are SO curious), this would be canned/frozen corn kernels, Kraft Easy Mac, Kid Cuisines, Kix cereal, white bread, Velveeta Cheese, cheapo frozen pizzas, and […]

Jersey Shore. Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teen Mom. Etc. Last year I refused to watch these shows. I thought they were completely stupid and not worth my time. Unfortunately, my roommates and most of my friends watched these shows, so while they laughed and enjoyed themselves, I holed up in my room and studied […]

Say hello to my new addiction: I am fully aware that these have the nutritional value of air, but that’s healthier than copious handfuls of BBQ Lays, so I feel better about myself when I eat them. Chips, I’ve decided, are my Achilles heel when it comes to junk food. Put them in front of […]

Confession: I get THE biggest ego boost from watching my coworkers gobble up my baked goods. I love how I can bake ANYTHING I want and know that people at work will eat it – it’s the simple pleasures in life, people. And the best part is, they think I’m just being extremely generous or […]

One might think that I would know the food side of Athens inside and out after living there for two years…I mean, there are TONS of unique, charming, atmospheric, and all around delicious restaurants ALL OVER this awesome college town. But alas, I have NOT explored Athens much at all, something I hope to change […]

Okay, before I return to regular My Fancy Tuna programming, here are some closing thoughts to sum up my vacation… 1. Ducks like Disney World. There were ducks EVERYWHERE. And cranes.2. Disney employees are extremely happy people…happier than Chikfila people, even.3. Florida water tastes kind of smokey, but makes your hair softer. 4. Digestives = […]

I finished Water for Elephants within 24 hours. SO GOOD! I can’t believe I waited that long to read it! I thought the end was kind of rushed (not the thing Rosie did, but the ending for Marlena and Jacob), but other than that, SOOO AWESOME! Go read it. I also finished Message in a […]