Just call me Bobby (Bobina?) Flay because I am now a GRILL MASTER! Well, not really, but I did the majority of Monday’s dinner on the grill pretty much on my own (my dad had to make sure I didn’t blow myself up…)! I decided on a BBQ theme, but I picked recipes that were […]

Last week, The Pioneer Woman and her Tasty Kitchen gave me two wonderous recipes, one for dinner and one for a delicious fall-flavored shortbread bar. I also ODed on fudge and chocolate covered pretzels in the crystallization food lab and watched The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas with my sister, Lara. And on […]

Let’s get real here. Pizza is glorious. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Pizza = endless possibilities. I could probably eat different kinds of pizza for the rest of my life and be content. Well, not really, but you get what I mean. Do you know what else is divine and almost as versatile […]

Jersey Shore. Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teen Mom. Etc. Last year I refused to watch these shows. I thought they were completely stupid and not worth my time. Unfortunately, my roommates and most of my friends watched these shows, so while they laughed and enjoyed themselves, I holed up in my room and studied […]

Well howdy, ya’ll! Man, three posts in a week…weird, right? I guess I’ve been pretty productive on the food front this week, so I have more to talk about than usual. First, however, I need to get something off my chest…a rant, if you will. I CANNOT STAND Ashley Greene. Kayla has heard this rant […]

Okay, so I can’t figure out if I like the combo of carrots + peanut butter because I genuinely like the taste, or because I just like the excuse to eat peanut butter. I decided to try it because I see it on a lot of other blogs, but I can’t really make up my […]