How is it already April?! Geeze, it seems like the older you get, the faster time flies…and I’m only 20!!! AHH! Anyways, at least summer is almost here, even though I have to take two classes this summer (Chem 2 and Biology – ew). I signed up for my classes this week – next semester […]

Today on My Fancy Tuna: BLUNDERS A PLENTY! Is that how you spell a plenty? Or is it aplenty? Or a’plenty? Whatever. Anyways, my blunders vs. winners score is 2-1 this week. Blunders are a blow to my ego when they happen, but afterward (like five minutes) I can usually laugh at my mistakes/stupidity. Except […]

So…Savannah and Charleston. Two beautiful cities that SHOULD be foodie heavens, right? Wrong. At least when said foodie likes “hip,” local, unique restaurants with cool sandwiches, salads, etc, while her family likes more mainstream fare. I’m not hating on my family’s palates by any means, but I was a little disappointed by the food part […]

The most heavenly combination in my book is peanut butter and jelly. Not chocolate and peanut butter, not french fries and ketchup, not pork and BBQ. Don’t get me wrong, these are all nice and delicious, but peanut butter and jelly makes my heart sing. Seriously. It’s weird because I didn’t like PB&J sandwiches as […]

Today, I woke up to thunder. It was awesome. I love summer thunderstorms. They are so relaxing for some reason, and there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and listening to the thunder. It’s actually starting to storm again as I type…oh, happy times. Anyways, yesterday I made couscous. I love couscous, […]

Last Easter = non-cooking Sara. This Easter = cooking Sara. Actually, this Easter = BAKING Sara. Nothing too fancy, but I finally baked something that appealed to just about everyone, and that’s a great feeling. Originally, I was going to make Lemon Crumb Squares, but then I saw this carrot cake recipe on The Pioneer […]

Okay, so making bread is definitely a lot easier when you have a good oven. You all probably think I’m using the “crappy oven” excuse whenever something goes wrong when I’m cooking, but most of the time, it’s really the oven. Oven = Bane of my Existence. Anyways, I was excited to break out my […]

I’ve only recently started to like bananas. For a while, they were a nasty smelling fruit that I had to eat 4 times a week to ward off leg cramps, toe cramps, foot cramps, etc. at swim practice. I hated bananas. Dislike by association, I suppose. Once I began college and started eating on the […]

New Year, New Food

I didn’t mean to put off posting these recipes for so long, but I was just enjoying the last few days of break and didn’t feel like getting into such a long blog post. I’ve decided that a possible differentiating factor for my blog could be taking recipes and substituting expensive ingredients with more affordable […]

3 Fruits, 3 Recipes

So, today ended up being a really eventful day, in that I tried out three new recipes. One was from a random blog comment, one was from Sunny Anderson (Cooking for Real) and the last from my favorite, Giada DeLaurentiis (Everyday Italian). Hopefully one of these days I’ll start making my own recipes for a […]